Titans: Season 1 finale trailer teases Batman versus Robin


The season 1 finale trailer for Titans teases the ultimate showdown.

If today’s episode of Titans put everyone in danger, the trailer for the finale looks like it will try to top that. Titled “Dick Grayson”, it appears like the titular hero will have to deal with his worst nightmare. A lot of pretty shocking moments come out of the trailer, however, there’s a key scene which hints all may not be as it seems.

The trailer picks up with Dick leaving his suburban home clad sporting a relaxed look with flip-flops. Jason Todd has surprised him on his doorstep, now in a wheelchair, with an ominous warning about Batman. It turns out, Commissioner Gordon has been murdered and Bruce is out for vengeance. Specifically, he plans to kill the Joker.

While it’s been confirmed Batman does kill in this universe, it’s hard to imagine the show would off one of the most notorious criminals. Like many comics, shows, and movies have done before: the two of them need each other. Also, eliminating the Joker now would prevent Titans from doing adapting Death in the Family.

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Nevertheless, Dick doesn’t want to return to save Bruce. Dawn tells him he has to, which is already a sign of something weird since she’s still technically in the hospital. Next up we get Starfire, no longer sporting the pink hair but instead long straight locks. Finally, Dick arrives in Gotham in his beloved car, something we know was sold earlier this season.

When he walks through a hospital, he’s treated to a morgue full of bodies. Even though we know Batman kills, this is an entirely darker path he’s walking. As Dick points out, it’s a massacre as he surveys the carnage. Next, we get a shot of a tattooed man, in a purple suit, and green hair dead on the hood of a car. Did Titans really kill off the Joker?

Dick promises to give into the darkness so he can end this unhinged version of Batman. However, he is counseled by none other than Trigon, who now appears to be a police officer. This scene is the key because this morning’s episode ended with Dick running right into Trigon’s hands. Could this all be an illusion? It’s possible he’s created some sort of mind game specifically meant to play on Dick’s fear of Batman becoming a villain.

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Titans ends the trailer with Dick telling, presumably, his former mentor “let’s end this”. It’s doubtful the show gets rid of Trigon when he just came to Earth in the last episode. However, this could be the push that has Dick finally don his Nightwing persona.

Are you excited for the finale? Do you think Batman has really crossed to the dark side? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!