Outlander season 4, episode 9 recap: The Birds and The Bees


Outlander gives us the best reunion yet in this week’s heartwarming episode.

Outlander is all about the reunions this year. But this week’s episode, “The Birds and The Bees” surpasses them all giving us the feels, tears, and oh so much joy.

After years and a whole other time apart, Brianna finally reunites with Claire and meets Jamie for the very first time. And as much as we imagined how awkward it would have been, it was the absolute opposite.

But before we can talk about the happy family reunion, we must reflect back on last week’s heartbreak. Sigh, yes, Brianna’s rape. This week picks up in the aftermath of that horrible night as Brianna goes back to her room defeated, bruised, and traumatized.

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Lizzie awakens to see Brianna walk in and is worried to see her bloody and bruised. Unfortunately, Lizzie thinks the man that did this to Brianna is Roger.

In last week’s episode, Lizzie saw Roger and Brianna being rough with each other and mistook it for Roger forcing her. As a result, she thinks its Roger who hurt Brianna. And as you’ll come to find out, this doesn’t bode well for later. The next day Roger arrives at the inn looking for Brianna, who is still sound asleep in her room.

But before he can get a moment to speak with her, Stephen Bonnet gets in the way. Of course, Roger has no idea what atrocities Bonnet has participated in the night before.

To make matters worse, Bonnet is getting ready to sail to Philadelphia and demands Roger join him. He promised to be a part of the crew until journey’s end, and if he wants to keep all his limbs and his lass, he better cooperate.

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Just like that Roger leaves, but not before telling the innkeeper to tell Brianna he was looking for. She eventually does get the message, but she is too late. The Gloriana has left the docks, and for all Brianna knows, Roger is going back to Scotland. Don’t worry lassie, he’s still nearby.

And then comes the epic Outlander reunion–and it’s a great one. Upon waking up, Bree intends to head to River Run to see Aunt Jocasta. Lizzie doesn’t think it’s a great idea given what’s happened, but Bree is determined to find her parents. And find them she shall. While at the docks looking for Roger, Lizzie shows up with very exciting news.

While talking to a Scotsman in town, she learned of a female healer and her Scottish husband who are currently in Wilmington. In fact, she even found out where they are. Brianna heads to where Jamie was seen last and is told he went outside behind the store. It’s a bit awkward because he’s relieving himself when his daughter sees him for the first time, but hey, it’s all good.

Outlander made us ugly cry at this father/daughter moment as Brianna approaches Jamie. At first, Jamie thinks it is some woman who is interested in him. And while this is hilarious and adorable because he’s faithful to Claire, Brianna comes right out and says it, “My name is Brianna. I am your daughter.” Star Wars got nothing on this moment.

As skeptical and unsure as Jamie was, he knew instantly it was his daughter. Sam Heughan plays this moment so perfectly it’s ridiculous. The warm expressions on his face and the love emanating from his eyes is everything. As they share their first moment together, Jamie takes her to Claire.

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Mama is taken aback by her daughter’s presence and overwhelmed by how wonderful it all really is. But there isn’t much time to be mushy gushy as Brianna needs to tell them about the fire they will eventually die in. It doesn’t seem to faze anyone much and they all just head off to Fraser’s Ridge as one happy family. I guess they’ll deal with the fire when it comes?

Brianna meets her cousin Ian who knows not to ask any questions about their daughter randomly showing up. It is Auntie Claire business after all. As they make their way back to the cabin, Bree fills Claire in on everything that has happened since Claire left. This includes falling in love with Roger and them being handfasted. Unfortunately, she believes Roger is returning to Scotland and she is absolutely heartbroken.

As expected, Bree does not tell her mother about the rape, even after seeing her mother wearing a ring. The look in Bree’s eye is so painful because she assumes everything happened for no reason since her mother still has the ring.

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But Ian clears that up for her real fast when he tells them about being robbed by a man who stole everything they had, including Claire’s wedding ring. She connects the fact that the man Ian is talking about and the one that raped her one and the same.

Upon returning to Fraser’s Ridge, Murtagh meets Bree for the first time, and couldn’t be happier. Honestly, we’re just happy to have him in Outlander again.

Later they all bond over family dinner as Murtagh tells stories of young Jamie and his romantic escapades. It makes it all feel so real and genuine, that is until Bree is overwhelmed with sadness again.

Brianna confesses to Claire that Frank knew that she’d come back to Jamie and had the obituary years ago. Claire seems a bit frazzled but changes the topic to prod Bree about Roger. But Bree isn’t so interested so the conversation goes nowhere.

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Time passes on and weeks go by as Bree plays out her days helping her parents. She and Jamie have a moment alone together while shooting. Bree appears to be an expert and when Jamie inquires how she tells him her dad taught her. Awwwkward. But Jamie is a gentleman and takes this moment in stride. He tells Bree he knew of Frank but the moment sort of fizzles away.

Later on, Claire suggests that Jamie and Bree just talk about Frank instead of ignoring the elephant in the room. Jamie does just that when he asks Bree to join him as he goes hunting for bees. Bree tells him it’s a bit weird for her to be there with him because it feels like a betrayal to Frank. Don’t worry though Bree, because your real father is the most understanding man in the world and he gets it. In fact, he tells her he doesn’t want to replace Frank and he’s grateful for all he did for Bree and Claire.

The father/daughter trip is successful and once again Outlander proves it can make anything and everything work. Back at Fraser’s Ridge, Claire asks Bree to tell her what’s going on, because something clearly is. And within just a few moments, her mommy power tells her that Bree is pregnant. Yup. Pregnant.

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But when she asks about Roger and her being more careful, Bree finally confesses that it may not even be his. She comes clean about the rape and says she doesn’t think the baby is Roger’s because he used the withdrawal method aka pulling out. Ugh, Stephen Bonnet, he’s the worst. Claire returns home to share the awful news with Jamie who is just as lost as anyone else would be in this situation.

Remember how Lizzie thought Roger raped Bree? Well, as she and Ian are heading off to the mill, Lizzie spots Roger who has made his way to Fraser’s Ridge after being done with the Gloriana. Frazzled they return back to tell Jamie who tells them not to say anything to his wife and daughter. He intends on taking care of it but wait, Jamie, you got the wrong guy!

At the same time, Claire finds her old wedding ring in Bree’s things while doing laundry. She’s confused and frightened to see this and confronts Bree only to find out the worst news ever. It was Bonnet who raped and impregnated her daughter. If only Jamie knew that before he went and beat the crap out of Roger. Luckily, he didn’t kill him but Roger is not looking so great.

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Where will Ian take Roger’s body? And what will happen when Jamie learns the truth? Ahh, we have to until next week to find out in an all-new Outlander.

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