Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 2 recap: Royal We


Internal squabbles arise among superhero ambassadors and the Markovian royal family in the second episode of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy (Logan Grove) is one of the stars on Space Trek 3016 and he uses his status to do a PSA about the abduction of children by meta-human traffickers. ‘If you hear something, scream something’ he pleads in the latest Young Justice: Outsiders episode, ‘Royal We’.

In episode two of the DC Universe show, the Justice League officially announce the resignations of several key team members, including Batman, Batwoman and Green Arrow, due to the restrictions imposed on the team by the United Nations. While UN General Secretary Lex Luthor implies that the resigned League members are working against their own values, Atlantean Ambassador Garth and Themyscira Ambassador Troia try to refute the claim. Before long, the summit devolves into a verbal brawl, but it ends with the Ambassador of Markovia declaring that vigilante heroes are unwelcome in his country.

Not that such a statement is going to stop Dick Grayson/ Nightwing (Jesse McCartney) from leading a clandestine mission to take down meta-human trafficking syndicate, Bedlam. Dick believes Bedlam may have been responsible for the assassination of the king and queen of Markovia that took place in the first episode of this season. To find out more, he and Artemis Crock/ Tigress (Stephanie Lemelin) will investigate during the new king’s pre-coronation party, while Conner Kent/ Superboy (Nolan North) and Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning will fly under the radar with their gear.

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While Dick and Artemis go over the suspects’ list, Oracle messages Dick with Intel – it seems the other members of Dick’s team are unaware of Oracle’s presence. I wonder why.

The royal princes are at odds with each other regarding their uncle, General Baron Frederick DeLamb, becoming Regent. Their parents’ untimely death means older twin Gregor is king, but since he’s 17, he needs a Regent to rule Markovia till he comes of age. Brion doesn’t trust his uncle, but Gregor does – did any of these people have a hand in the royal assassinations?

Nightwing and Tigress in Young Justice: Outsiders ep 2 (Credit: DC Universe)

Brion is intent on doing something – his sister was abducted two years ago and now his parents are dead. He firmly believes activating his own meta-gene will allow him to save his country, and he has the family physician Dr. Jace on his side. Dr. Jace sends Brion to meet with Dr. Ecks, a once-renowned scientist who Oracle discovered has taken a lowly job at the children’s hospital. Dick follows them as Jefferson and Superboy investigate the children’s hospital for Bedlam activity.

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Inside, they find four meta-children, as well as a dismantled Motherbox (a sentient computer). Before they can rescue the children, Werner Vertigo/ Count Vertigo (Steve Blum) attacks, along with the lava monster who was accidentally killed by Lightning in the first episode of Young Justice season three. How is that possible? Well, this creature is Otto, the brother of the girl who died – these Bedlam people are the real monsters on this show.

Artemis reaches the team’s rendezvous and encounters a group of thugs burying bodies. One of the bodies wakes up and Artemis helps her out, dispatching the thugs with the girl’s help. Unknown to Artemis, we had seen this girl in the first episode helping the Qurac assassins enter the royal home before being killed by the very people she had assisted. After she is rescued by Artemis, the girl reveals she can’t remember anything. I love that there’s a superpowered hijabi in Young Justice; hopefully, she won’t be a villain.

Dick follows Prince Brion and Ecks to the children’s hospital, while Superboy and Lightning try to escape. Unfortunately, when Jefferson leaps into the water outside the hospital he lands awkwardly and collapses, while Superboy is apprehended by Otto and incapacitated.

For all intents and purposes, Count Vertigo is running Bedlam. He orders Otto/ Plasmus to put Superboy in the subject room as Ecks brings Prince Brion in to show off. Brion is horrified by the trafficking of sick children in the hospital, but Vertigo knocks him out. Ecks says he was following orders, but from whom? Dr. Jace apparently, as she saunters in and activates the black tar in Brion’s pod.

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Meanwhile, Vertigo calls ‘His Highness’ and reports that their operation may have been compromised. So, it seems Prince Gregor is in on all this; or was Vertigo talking to someone else?

Nightwing decides to rescue Superboy (who everyone calls SB now), but will he reach in time to save his friend and the Prince? We will find out in the next episode.