Walking Dead drops brand-new teaser for second half of season


The Walking Dead just dropped a new teaser for the second half of the season and included a hint of the Whisperers and a look at Negan.

The second half of season 9 kicks off on February 10 on AMC and fans will see the survivors of Alexandria recoil from the surprise attack by the Whisperers.

As a quick reminder, the Whisperers are a group of survivors who wear the face and skin of slain walkers in order to walk among the dead.

On the Walking Dead season 9 mid-season finale, the Whisperers attacked and Jesus fell to their numbers.

The new teaser that Walking Dead dropped today showed the survivors burying Jesus and preparing for a fight.

There was a lot of other tidbits in there as well.

One thing that was shown, at least by the editing of the teaser, was that Daryl will take on the role that Carl Grimes had in the comic books. That role is befriending one of the Whisperers and her telling him that he is more like them than he is like his friends.

In the comics, that was the daughter of Alpha, but there is no telling what direction the Walking Dead TV show will take.

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There was also an awesome moment of pure horror where our heroes are standing armed and a voice tells them they will die and then a figure charges with a sword. It was an amazing looking scene.

There was also some ominous comments where someone asked Michonne what good Alexandria was if they let the Kingdom fall, and she callously responded that at least Alexandria would survive.

That makes it sound like Michonne might end up slightly at odds with Carol and Ezekiel.

Finally, there was the final moment — which was a great one where a door opens and Negan walks in with Lucille and proclaims “home sweet home.”

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In the comics, Negan played a large role in the war with the Whisperers and one hopes that the TV show will finally let its fans know why comic book fans love Negan so much.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC