Walking Dead actor said that he hated the Negan storyline


For years, Michael Cudlitz portrayed the fan-favorite Walking Dead character Abraham, but in a recent interview, he said he was not a fan of the recent Negan storyline.

Cinema Blend reported that Cudlitz, who just directed his first episode of The Walking Dead said that he felt the entire story involving the Saviors was “stupid.”

Now, the Saviors and Negan was arguably the best storyline in the comic books by far. While some fans who only watch the TV show might not understand, Negan is hugely popular in the comics.

He was just one of the most dynamic and complex characters to come along in the postapocalyptic world.

With that said, there have been a lot of complaints about how the TV show handled the character.

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However, it wasn’t really the character that Cudlitz thought was stupid — it was the decisions he made on the show.

In The Walking Dead comics, Negan killed Glenn around the campfire but on the TV show, he killed Abraham and Glenn. That was actually longer than Abraham lasted in the comics, as it was him that got the arrow in the eye that went to Denise on TV.

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Cudlitz said that Negan killing him made no sense at all. He said that if Negan needed to kill anyone, it should have been Rick Grimes.

"“Because how many more people was that a**hole gonna get killed?”"

Cudlitz also talked about things he thought that sucked like the Saviors walking out onto a balcony unarmed and the heroes just shooting out the windows over their heads.

What he hated was decisions that the heroes on the show made that was really dumb and were just done to extend the storyline for the show.

At the end of the day, Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a great job as Negan — bringing a complexity to the character that was needed. This made a lot of fans mad because they seem to act like they want their bad guys to be completely evil — and Negan is not that character.

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However, Michael Cudlitz was not insulting Negan or the character. He is just pointing out what many fans before him have complained about. How many stupid decisions have the survivors — and Rick Grimes in particular — made on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 10, 2019, at 9 p.m. EST.