A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3, episode 6 recap: The Penultimate Peril: Part Two


Count Olaf is put on trial in the final season’s penultimate episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

A Series of Unfortunate Events has made mention of Beatrice through the three seasons, and we finally learn who she is! As this episode begins, we see a flashback of VFD members (Olaf, Esme, Lemony, and Kit) at the opera. There is a woman singing beautifully who we come to learn is the one and only Beatrice.

In the present, Carmelita and Esme are getting ready to attack the bird that is carrying the sugar bowl. Meanwhile, the Baudelaires are still trying to make sense of Dewey’s death as Lemony shows up. Everyone is accusing the Baudelaires of killing Dewey (technically, they really did). As the tensions are rising, Lemony suggests they all should run away.

But Justice Strauss is insisting that they stay back and before they can make any decisions, Lemony leaves. Leave it to Mr. Poe to inform the manager that the Baudelaires shot Dewey. Basically, everyone is calling the orphans murderers and some are still hung up on the rumor that they killed Count Olaf.

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With all the madness, Justice Strauss decides to start the trial in one day. The High Court will decide Olaf’s fate and in the meantime, he’s locked up away from the Baudelaires. The next morning the trial begins, and it’s as odd as you can expect from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Everyone is expected to wear blindfolds, take them off when the trial starts, and then put them back on when the verdict is read.

Taking the meaning literally, the other two judges of the High Court are sitting many floors up while Justice Strauss is on the ground floor. For a moment, the Baudelaires are on everyone’s good side as they recall their entire series of unfortunate events.

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That is until they decide to bring Count Olaf to the stand. Within moments he discredits everything they’ve said and said that they’ve done the same things as him. Not a bad point, but really Olaf? He then calls Esme to the stand who starts to tell the story of Beatrice.

We see another flashback where Beatrice is talking about the power of the sugar bowl and how VFD has traitors amongst them.

She takes the sugar bowl and once Esme realizes what has happened, she throws a fit. As she and Olaf run after Beatrice and Lemony, one thing leads to another and Olaf’s dad is shot with a dart.

Back at the trial, Esme hands out the food she and Carmelita made which is made of crow and the Medusoid Mycelium. Everyone has been poisoned and to make matters worse the Baudelaires are now being put on trial. The High Court wants to know how they plead, and they’re shocked to learn the tables have turned.

A Series of Unfortunate Events gives us another plot twist (sort of) when we realize that the two judges of the High Court are Olaf’s mentors. In the mayhem, Olaf kidnaps Strauss and the Baudelaires follow behind. He makes them open the room to the laundry room door so he can find the sugar bowl. Instead, the room is set to fire which in turn sets the hotel on fire.

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To escape the hotel, the Baudelaires plan an escape with an annoying Olaf by their side. Justice Strauss doesn’t think they should leave the scene of the crime, but alas they leave anyway. It’s curious because Kit did not return to the hotel and Strauss is once again left behind without the Baudelaires. Lemony comes across Strauss who has a picture of the Baudelaire orphans in her possession.

Lemony asks to take it with him, and it becomes the first piece of a larger puzzle he would go on to try and solve. As we see one more flashback, Lemony is seen leaving the opera with the sugar bowl as he bids farewell to Beatrice. Meanwhile, Esme and Olaf are watching from a distance promising to seek revenge.