The Orville season 2, episode 3 recap: Home

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THE ORVILLE: L-R: Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki in the ÒHomeÓ episode of THE ORVILLE airing Thursday, Jan. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Later, Alara’s family has invited the new couple over for dinner. They speculate that the caretaker may have broken into their house. They talk about the strange couple’s family. Of course, they have a son who is a bit of a prodigy. Both groups of parents start bragging about their children and Alara is obviously uncomfortable.

As Alara’s dad is serving dinner, the strange couple pulls their guns on the family. The man forces Alara’s dad to stick his hand into boiling hot sauce which leaves his hand scalded and discolored.

The couple reveals that their son committed suicide last year. Apparently, Alara’s dad destroyed their son’s career by critiquing his scientific find and saying the findings were incorrect because he rushed his scientific process (not peer-reviewed, etc.). They want Alara’s dad to issue a statement saying he was wrong and their son was correct.

The couple threatens to cut off Alara’s sister’s pinky to send a message to her dad that they’re serious.

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Before they have a chance, a union shuttle lands outside the house. The couple tells Alara’s dad to get rid of them. It’s Ed who had come to tell Alara about John and Claire’s treatment idea. Ed persists with Alara’s dad and says he’s not leaving until he talks to Alara.

The strange man then shoots Ed. Alara, who has regained some of her strength, then jumps out of her chair and fights with the woman of the couple and manages to wrestle her gun away and shoot her. As Alara and the man exchange gunfire in the house, Ed’s gravity shield is failing as he lies immobile on the grass outside. Gordon calls the Orville for help, but it might not arrive in time.

Alara, who has gathered her family in a bedroom and locked the door to hide, tells her dad that he has to help Ed. This whole situation has overwhelmed her dad and he seems very nervous about doing anything. He eventually climbs over the balcony to find Ed and sees their caretaker’s dead body on the ground in the bushes.

Eventually, the man breaks into the bedroom where Alara’s family is hiding, but Alara manages to get the drop on him and shoots him.

Alara’s dad is able to get Ed back to the shuttle’s gravity shield just in time, but both of Ed’s legs break due to the gravity getting through his failing shield.

As he rejoins the family, Alara’s dad is emotional. He says he doesn’t know her. He now sees what she really does. He finally tells her he’s proud of her and apologizes by saying he’s sorry she got him as a father.

Alara takes his hand, silently accepting his apology.

Back on the ship, Claire and John’s new treatment in the simulation room will simulate a stronger gravity than even Xelayah has so Alara can continue to regain her strength. It’ll be painful, but it will allow Alara to remain on her post.

However, later in Ed’s office, Alara tells Ed that she won’t be doing the treatment. She says that she joined the fleet because she didn’t feel like she had a family. But now, she says, she wants to spend time with her family. It’s something she feels like she missed out on before.

Ed’s goodbye—saying that if she ever misses her chair on the bridge, it’s there for her—shows that there’s no telling if or when Alara will return to the Orville.

The entire bridge crew meets Alara in the shuttle bay to see her off. One by one, Alara hugs them all. It’s an incredibly emotional goodbye. She sheds a few tears as she boards the shuttle and leaves the Orville.

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The episode ends with Ed going back to his office and opening a gift Alara left for him. A call back to every time Ed wasn’t strong enough to do something and asked Alara to “open this jar of pickles” for him, she’s left him with a jar of pickles.

Is that Alara’s last time on the Orville? Who will open these pickles for Ed? Let us know your thoughts on this emotional episode in the comments.