Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 5 recap: Away Mission


Miss Martian and her team travel to New Genesis to stop a war brewing on the alien planet in the fifth episode of Young Justice: Outsiders.

On New Genesis, New God Orion cheats an alien race of Bugs, called the Hive, out of their trade agreement, leading to an all-out battle between the aliens in Young Justice: Outsiders episode five. The Bugs are outraged, mentioning several times that ‘Forager’ believed the New Gods to be honorable, but Orion has proved them wrong.

On Earth, Tabore-Kadan/ Bear arrives to tell Conner Kent/ Superboy and M’gann M’orzz/ Miss Martian about these ongoing battles that he and his team, the Forever People, have been investigating. The tales from the Bugs have revealed strange monsters appearing alongside the New Gods, but the Mother Boxes on New Genesis detected traces of human DNA instead. Conner and M’gann believe that these so-called monsters are probably the meta-human children who have been captured and deployed across the galaxy.

M’gann transforms into her White Martian form and calls on the other Young Justice members to go to New Genesis to assist Bear’s investigation. Bart Allen/ Kid Flash, Jaime Reyes/ Blue Beatle, Cassie Sandsmark/ Wonder Girl are among the superheroes who join Miss Martian as they Boom Tube it to New Genesis. Bear is super-excited to have so many Earthlings on hand – he is such a fun character to watch!

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The team rues the fact that Tim Drake/ Robin couldn’t join their mission, given his detective skills. Cassie is still angry at Tim for abandoning the team in the first episode of Young Justice: Outsiders as part of Batman’s coup. Before they can dwell on their missing team-mate further, the Bugs attack. Thankfully, one of them shields the Earthlings. It’s Forager, soon to be a huge part of the third season of the show.

Forager in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 5 (Credit: DC Universe)

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Turns out, the Orion who attacked the Bugs at the beginning of the episode was an imposter. The team uses this knowledge to entrap this other Orion. Miss Martian detects a psychic trace in Orion and sense something familiar about him. She confronts him and reveals his true identity – her little brother, M’kann M’orzz. M’kann made a deal to foster peace among Red, Green and White Martians by enabling a war between the Bugs and the New Gods on New Genesis. M’grann chastises him, but her brother unleashes his army of meta-human monsters. Thankfully, Young Justice shows up to battle alongside their leader.

Superboy stays back on Earth with Brion Markov and Young Justice ally, Lucas Carr. Like many of the characters in this third season, Lucas has grown substantial facial hair to show his age. They are soon joined by Dick Grayson/ Nightwing, Artemis Crock/ Tigress, Quraci refugee Halo and Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning. While Brion and Halo bond, the Young Justice members try to figure out what to do with the new meta-humans. Halo’s amnesia is cause for concern and so is Brion’s hot-headedness. How do you solve a problem like meta-human refugees?

Nightwing attempts to train Geo-Force, but he becomes frustrated and burns everything, including his own clothes down. Halo tries to calm him, but he takes offense to everything she says. In their defense, their command over the English language needs a little work.

Geo-Force in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 5 (Credit: DC Universe)

It’s Halo’s turn to train and she expertly shields herself against Artemis’ blows. But then she discovers a new projectile power, and the sheer force of it propels her into a car. Even unconscious, Halo is able to heal herself with her powers.

Brion insists on leaving, but when Nightwing says that Young Justice will help find Brion’s sister, who has been missing for years, he decides to stay.

While the team engages the monsters on New Genesis, M’gann tries to psychically reach her brother. He has embraced hate by becoming a Martian monster, and nothing M’gann says changes his mind. He kills the meta-humans and threatens Forager if he remains on the planet.

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The Hive exile Forager for his traitorous acts against his race and the Bug sorrowfully leaves with the other Young Justice members to make a new home on Earth.

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