Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 6 recap: Rescue Op


In the latest Young Justice: Outsiders episode, Geo-Force, and Halo become fast friends with the alien Forager and track down a possible lead on the missing princess of Markovia.

Al-Qawiya. A man is playing the VR game Funny Monkeys when he runs into Black Spider of the League of Shadows in the sixth episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. The Deadpool/ Spider-Man mix, Black Spider says he has a message for Jakkar Marlowe, but the man insists he isn’t Jakkar. Black Spider knows otherwise and threatens Jakkar, who runs away. Little good it does him – a giant boulder lands on him, killing him. Black Spider turns to someone he addresses as ‘kid’, and says the bosses will be proud of their work. All we see is a shadowy figure on a terrace.

In Gotham City, Oracle is test-driving the same game on a Goode VR player –one that Bowhunter Security had managed to secure during episode four of Young Justice: Outsiders – when someone sneaks up on her. Oracle is too fast for him and flips him over her head, sending him crashing to the floor. This ‘pathetic’ attempt to scare her was by none other than Dick Grayson, who insists that as a professional athlete he meant to land up in this position. You’re fooling nobody, Dick.

Dick and Oracle snuggle and Dick complains that they don’t see each other enough – having Oracle in his ear isn’t the same as spending quality time together. Suddenly, the computer alerts her with a flashing ‘Match Found’ message. That’s the end of their snuggle-time.

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In Happy Harbour, Brion Markov/ Geo-Force and Halo are spending time together when Ms. Martian introduces them to Forager, who had been banished from New Genesis in the previous episode. Halo seems to know a lot about Forager’s world but isn’t sure how. Brion and Forager bond over being fellow exiles.

This team seems to be getting along well but where will they reside? Artemis already houses Halo, and Brion is camping at Superboy and Ms. Martian’s. Where will Forager stay? That’s when Ms. Martian realizes that Brion and Forager could move into the bio-ship.

Dr. Jace calls Jefferson Pierce who shares the call with the others. Brion immediately asks Dr. Jace if his sister Tara is still alive. Dr. Jace says she had tried to keep Tara alive for as long as possible but when her meta-gene activated, their uncle, Baron Bedlam, shipped her away somewhere. According to Dr. Jace’s research, Tara would have very similar abilities to Brion’s. Dick agrees.

Dick Grayson in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 6 (Credit: DC Universe)

Dick thinks he’s found Tara – she may be the one who helped Black Spider kill Jakkar, and is thus in cahoots with the League of Shadows. Dick has traced the League’s hideout to Infinity Island but he isn’t sure Tara will be there, and they can’t go against Ra’s Al Ghul without more intel. Brion reluctantly agrees to wait for more information.

Or not. Brion calls Dr. Jace back and tells her that he will go after Tara. Halo and Forager want to help Brion as well, he is part of their hive. They hop into Superboy’s sphere and set off. Oracle finds intel on Halo. Her real name is Gabrielle Daou, and she was working as a servant at the Markovian Palace. Young Justice goes to tell Halo but find the three youngsters have disappeared.

The young trio land on Infinity Island and head straight towards the big palace. There’s nobody on the island, though and they discuss code-names instead of realizing they’re walking into a trap.

They come across a sensei meditating. Brion challenges him but the sensei isn’t intimated because, well, he’s League of Shadows. Forager shows off some moves but is easily defeated by the one-man-army. The sensei then takes Halo hostage and snaps her neck. Brion promptly loses it but more goons arrive, and they have tech that incapacitates Sphere, Forager, and Brion. They are all imprisoned and Halo’s body is dumped with them.

Fortunately, Halo can heal and comes alive in Brion’s arms. Ra’s Al Ghul watches all this from a monitor. He’s very interested in Halo’s resurrection.

The young trio is rescued by Young Justice but they are found by the ninjas. A battle ensues with Young Justice prevailing but when Brion powers up, he accidentally knocks out Ms. Martian. Eventually, Ra’s himself shows up and tells Nightwing to leave with the children.

Geo-Force in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 6 (Credit: DC Universe)

Brion won’t leave without his sister but Ra’s tells him that there is no League of Shadows with him. He is no longer their head, nor even a part of the Light. The Shadows indeed have Tara but Ra’s doesn’t reveal who is the head of the Shadows now. Young Justice has no choice but to leave.

As the bio-ship flies away, Talia Al Ghul steps out of the shadows holding a baby in her arms. Behind Ra’s, one of his new high-tech soldiers removes his hood and whispers “My son”. Ra’s is pleased that this soldier is regaining his memory but, who is he? Could it be Bruce Wayne, which would explain Batman’s strange behavior in the season three premiere? This would make the child with Talia Damian Wayne!

Brion gets a dressing down from Nightwing about this unsanctioned mission but when Dick sees Brion, Halo and Forager’s conviction towards each other, he is thrilled and agrees to form a new team with them. Just, don’t remind him that he’s leading another team.

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Artemis tells Halo about her name and memories flood back in. Halo remembers the abuse she faced as a Quraci refugee in Markovia and makes her decision – she is not Gabriele Daou, she is Violet, the name Brion always calls her at home.

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