A Discovery of Witches season 1, episode 6 recap


Diana finds her inner power on the sixth episode of A Discovery of Witches.

Without her powers, Diana has often fallen into the role of “token human” throughout this season.  While they’ve manifested to protect her more than once, Matthew and the de Clermont clan have ultimately treated her like she’s helpless. However, six episodes in and A Discovery of Witches is finally going to unleash the powers we’ve heard so much about.

The Interrogation

This episode picks up right where the previous one left off: Diana being kidnaped. It’s revealed right away that the perpetrator is Satu as she flies Diana to a discrete location. As it was insinuated, Gerbert and Satu have agreed to work together when it comes to Diana. Satu gets to interrogate her first then Gerbert can do whatever he would like.

Satu plays it smart, trying a variety of tactics to win Diana over. First, she offers to train her and make her feel less alone about being a witch. She shares that her mother had taught her and she was forever thankful. When this doesn’t work, Satu makes it seem like the training is necessary. If Diana cooperates, then Satu will teach her enough magic so she can escape before Gerbert begins his questioning. Again, Diana isn’t swayed, especially when Satu alleges she’ll need magic to protect herself from Matthew.

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After this also fails, Satu decides to guilt-tripping could be a better option. She calls Diana a traitor to their kind and asks what her parents would think of her. This only enrages Diana more, and she summons witch wind as she yells at Satu. Her parents would be proud considering they were murdered by witches, presumably Peter Knox. Satu believes her but also thinks they probably deserved it if they were also keeping secrets.

With her nonviolent methods exhausted, Satu decides its time to kick this interrogation up a notch. She flings Diana around the ruins of the castle repeatedly. Diana screams for mercy but refuses to give up any information. As far as she’s concerned, there are no secrets for her to tell. Once again, this doesn’t work, so Satu gets even more violent. She hangs Diana upside down while using a spell to drag a cut down her back. After a symbol appears on her back, Diana’s magic kicks in and knocks Satu out. Torture is never easy to watch and hearing Diana’s cries makes the scene even more emotional.

Nevertheless, Satu wakes up and drags Diana inside the ruins. There’s a hole in the middle where she tosses Diana down to be left in darkness. Satu is exhausted and seemingly powerless because of whatever Diana did to her. Gerbert orders her to retrieve Diana but Satu says she isn’t able to. In the meantime, Diana passes out as she’s encased in darkness.

The Brothers de Clermont

Baldwin arrives at Sept-Tours but doesn’t receive the welcome he’s expecting in this episode of A Discovery of Witches. When Matthew realizes Diana is missing, he immediately suspects his brother is to blame. Instead of a typical greeting, Baldwin is met with a fist to the face as Matthew easily overpowers him. However, he declares his innocence and Marthe enters just in time with new information. The family is able to track Diana’s scent to her abduction but realize a witch must have flown down to grab her.

Peter Knox is suspect number one, so Baldwin gives him a phone call to find out what’s happened. While Knox covers for Satu, Baldwin makes it very clear that this is a direct move against his family. With the handled, the rest of the de Clermonts take out a map and begin to strategize. To calm Matthew, it’s pointed out a flying witch wouldn’t be able to travel far because of Diana.

Em was scrying again and discovers right away that her niece is in trouble. Sarah and Em call Matthew to find out what’s happening and to let him know they saw a ruined castle. It’s a shame A Discovery of Witches glosses over when these three got on first name basis but this is a crisis. With this new information, Baldwin and Matthew decide to take his copter to go save Diana.

The Shadow Prince

Earlier this season, Em had introduced viewers to The Shadow Prince, a character from a story Diana’s mother once told her. He comes up again in this episode when Diana dreams of her parents. She’s still at the bottom of the hole, but everything above her is covered with thick spider webs. Her mother tells her she can’t skip the bad parts of a story but instead must continue through them.

The story she tells is about Diana, trapped inside a dark room. However, she hears a knock and the Shadow Prince enters the room. Unfortunately, he’s not able to fly down and retrieve her. So Diana finds a hole in the roof and manages to save herself instead.

Why is this story important? A Discovery of Witches makes it clear that Matthew is the Shadow Prince in that story. Baldwin and Matthew find the hole she’s in but realize neither will be able to jump down to save her. Remembering the story her mother had told, Diana knows what she has to do. She tries to fly but her thoughts are plagued by the bad memories from the past few episodes. Luckily, her father reminds her that magic comes from the heart. Summoning the positive moments she’s shared with Matthew, she’s able to fly out to safety.

Back at Sept-Tours, Ysabeau and Marthe are shocked at the extent of Diana’s injuries. However, there’s a flicker of pride when Ysabeau learns that Diana never broke once. The family tries to clean up her facial wounds, but Diana has too much pain on her back. When Matthew cuts away the shirt, we see the that Satu had branded her with the de Clermont symbol. It will now serve as a reminder that she can get through anything in the future.

The Knights of Lazarus

A Discovery of Witches is gearing up for a massive fight between the species but Matthew isn’t going to let anything get to Diana. Baldwin plans to take her back to the Congregation like he originally intended by Matthew won’t let him. He calls on The Knights of Lazarus, a group his stepfather Phillippe founded. Apparently, Phillippe left the group to Matthew upon his passing but it has laid dormant for years.

With no other options, Baldwin promises to delay the Congregation as long as he can. However, he warns his brother and Diana that they can’t hide forever. Neither is all that worried for the moment, especially because Diana has more pressing concerns. She asks if Matthew really killed Gillian as Satu had insisted. He said he didn’t but wished that he had. It’s more than likely Knox had Gillian murdered to tie up loose ends and garner some more sympathy.

What happens now?

It’s safe to say Satu’s and Gerbert’s alliance is officially dead after Diana escaped. Satu was able to channel some power from the witch Gerbert had locked up. She sets the poor woman free but is shocked to be called a “weaver” after using her abilities. Meanwhile, Gerbert finds a bit of Diana’s blood on the ground and loves the taste. Could he be craving her now too?

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A Discovery of Witches is heading to Wisconsin next now that Matthew and Ysabeau think she had been spellbound. This would prevent a witch from using her powers and explain why she never felt in touch with magic. However, Diana reveals witches were only spellbound if they were dangerous and had hurt people. Is she destined to do something terrible? Do her aunts know? She’s understandably shaken upon learning this secret. However, it explains why she keeps having nightmares of being bound by a spider’s web.

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