Outlander season 4, episode 12 recap: Providence


Is it really the season 4 penultimate episode of Outlander, already? We canna believe it–but dinna fash, there is a lot to look forward to.

Outlander has reached the end of season 4, and after tonight, we are heading right into the season finale next week. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up and honestly, I have no idea how (or if) they will able to do it.

As of now, Bree is set to be married to Lord John Grey, at least for appearance purposes. Roger is still stuck with the Mohawks and was in the middle of a beating when the previous episode ended. And Claire, Jamie, and Ian are still trying to catch up to Roger.

As this week’s episode, “Providence” begins we pick up with Roger’s beating from last week. It’s safe to say that he isn’t exactly as safe as everyone would like him to be.

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But we don’t spend much time with Roger initially, because Lord John has a bit of news for Bree. Bonnet is going to be hanged for murder and a laundry list of other crimes. Ugh, Bonnet gives me the chills.

At first, Bree is wondering why her rape isn’t one of the crimes, but Lord John reassures her that it’s simply not worth the trouble. Instead, she insists that Lord John take her to meet the man who hurt her. It’s not so much that she wants to attend his hanging as it is that she plans to forgive him. Outlander, say what?! Yes, that’s right. And where did she get this idea from?

Her dear Da, Jamie. In his letter to Bree, Jamie explains why revenge isn’t what should be on her mind. Instead, she should forgive the man because it’s the best way for her to move forward.

Seeking revenge may only hurt her and it’s just not worth it. Lord John is a bit confused at the whole idea of it but he has come to understand the way of the Fraser family.

Using his connections, he arranges a visit to the prison for Bree and they begin to prepare for their journey back to Wilmington. But there is just a slight little problem with all of this.

Fergus is trying to figure out a plan to break Murtagh out of prison, the very same one Bree will be visiting to see Bonnet. Whatever they’re planning could wind up in harming Bree if they cross paths.

With Marsali’s help, Fergus and she make a plan with the other Regulators to break Murtagh out. It involves a lot of explosives so let’s just hope that nothing happens to Bree, Lord John, and the baby. Sort of freaking out here, Outlander writers!

As Lord John and Bree head into the prison, she insists on facing Bonnet alone. She has a few words to say to the guy, and we don’t blame her for wanting to do so. And like a boss, Bree walks right into Bonnet’s cell (why she’s allowed to do that is beyond me) and gives it to him straight. He claims to not remember her, and then it comes rushing back to him as she reveals who she is.

He’s not that intrigued by her pregnancy until she lays out plain and simple for him. She’s forgiving him but she will never let her child know of his existence or name. I don’t know about you all, but did we notice a glimmer of regret or pain in Bonnet’s eyes? Whatever, he’s the worst. And to make matters weirder, he pulls out a ruby from his teeth and gives it to Bree as a parting gift for their child.

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Simultaneously, the plan to free Murtagh is in full swing. Fergus bumps into Lord Grey as they take Murtagh out of the cell. It’s a bit awkward because Lord John is Team Tyron, and these guys are Team Regulators. Whatever the case is, Lord John lets them proceed with their plan and takes Bree while they make a run for it and hide in the wagon that Marsali is waiting for them in. Dang, Outlander is bringing the edge-of-the-seat drama this week aren’t they?

If you didn’t love Lord John already, then you’ll surely be smitten with him now. When asked by the authorities, Lord John claims he has no idea where Murtagh and the other Regulators went. How sweet, he’s truly the best, isn’t he? Okay, well there’s another HUGE problem in the aftermath of all this chaos. The keys were left right by Bonnet’s cell door and moments before the fire takes place, Bonnet manages to get a hold of them. But did he survive the fire?

Back at the Mohawk village, Roger meets Father Alexandre, another captive. It turns out that the Father had an affair with a Mohawk woman named Johiehon who gave birth to their child. As a result, the Father is being held captive, unless he agrees to baptize the child. But he refuses to because everything has happened from a place of sin, and he can’t get himself to do this one thing–even if it means possible freedom.

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Johiehon strikes up a friendship with Roger fairly quickly and is able to communicate with him in French. But there’s one person who isn’t very fond of this friendship–Kaheroton, the man who has been pretty hostile towards Roger from the get-go. But I have to say that Roger is becoming slightly annoying and I’m sort of over his whole attitude.

While in conversation with the Father, Roger basically tells him that he is over love and that he has sacrificed way too much in pursuit of it. Let’s not forget that he is assuming that Jamie attacked and sold him because of Bree. He has so much anger towards her and there is just so much miscommunication here that we can’t wait for the reunion (hopefully!) so everything can be cleared once and for all.

Roger wants the Father to join him in his plan to escape, but he doesn’t seem too eager to leave. Roger’s plan? Dig a hole from the hut they’re in and crawl through it. When the next day arrives, the hole isn’t quite ready but the Mohawk are ready to give the Father one more chance before burning him at the stake. Of course, the Father is not willing to give in so while he’s taken away, Roger continues to dig the hole and eventually climbs out of it.

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Roger doesn’t make it too far before feeling guilty. The sounds of the Father’s cries are enough to pull Roger back to the camp. Upon arriving, Roger sees the Father burning at the stake while the rest of the village looks upon him. Roger makes his presence known by making the fire larger so as to bring the Father’s suffering to a minium. Johiehon watches from nearby and sets down her baby.

And then she does what we so didn’t think was coming. She joins the Father at the stake. Ugh, the feels Outlander, the feels. Just like that, the season 4 penultimate episode comes to an end, with Roger once again captured. I’m not sure if I mentioned this already but Roger is kind of annoying. Why does he forgive everyone else or understand everyone else’s pain, but refuses to do that for Bree? I mean, I get it, but then I don’t. Ah, let’s see what happens next week in the season 4 finale.

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