American Gods season 2 trailer prepares the gods for a war


The first complete American Gods season 2 trailer finally hit and it looks amazing.

This is great news since there were so many problems following the fantastic first season, including losing a showrunner and struggling with his replacement.

However, last month Starz aired the first three minutes of the American Gods season 2 premiere, and while it was just about the new gods (technology and world) licking their wounds from the season 1 finale, it looked really interesting.

Now, the full American Gods season 2 trailer is here.

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The American Gods season 2 trailer is narrated by Ian McShane’s Wednesday, who also happens to be the Norse god Odin. He is telling his man Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) that there is a war coming between the old gods that were brought to America with the settlers and the new gods who want them to just go away and die.

During the narration, there are also some great images as well. The car is driving down the road and two ravens, representing the Norse ravens Huginn and Muninn, who bring him information when it is needed.

The images showed the old gods coming to America with the settlers, who built temples, churches and statues to honor them. However, the images grew more modern with people forgetting about their gods and worshipping the gods of media, technlogy anda worldly items.

As the last video with the opening minutes of the season 2 premiere showed, Mr. World is ready to prepare for war. As the new American Gods season 2 trailer showed, Odin is ready for the war and has a “big role” for Shadow Moon, who he tosses a spear to.

Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) gets more than one scene in this trailer as does Laura Moon (Emily Browning), who reminds Shadow never to completely trust Wednesday. There was also a cool shot of what had to be Thor’s mighty Mjolnir in the trailer.

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So, what did you think of the American Gods season 2 trailer? Are you excited for the second go-around of the Neil Gaiman adaptation? Let us know in the comments below and prepare for the story to continue. American Godspremieres on Starz on March 10 season 2.