Penny Dreadful: Daniel Zovatto to star in sequel series


Fear The Walking Dead’s Daniel Zovatto is set to star in the Penny Dreadful sequel series.

Penny Dreadful ended back in 2016, but loyal fans are looking forward to the Showtime sequel series. As the series starts to come together, so does the cast.

Recently, Daniel Zovatto of Fear The Walking Dead was cast in a lead role. So, what can fans look forward to in the sequel series?

While its predecessor took place in Victorian-era London, the sequel will take place in 1938 Los Angeles. Bringing in new characters and a whole new story, this Penny Dreadful sequel will focus on the Mexican-American culture.

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According to Deadline, the deity Santa Muerte will be a focal point of the characters involved. So, basically, we’re going to get a mix of the supernatural with a touch of history.

Zovatto is rumored to be playing a character named Tiago, who is slated to be the main character of the series. Tiago is the first Mexican-American LAPD detective and has a lot to face in the late 1930s era–racism, faith, and trauma dating back to childhood.

John Logan, the creator of the original Penny Dreadful series, is coming back as series creator, executive producer, and writer, according to Deadline.

Joining him are Michael Aguilar (Kidding) as an executive producer, as well as Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris who were EP’s on the original series.

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If you’re wondering where you may have seen Zovatto, let us be the ones to remind you. Apart from Fear the Walking Dead, he was most recently seen in HBO’s Here and Now, and also had roles in Lady Bird and It Follows. Coming up, he will be seen in Flinch starring Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner.

Check back for more updates on the Penny Dreadful sequel–it’s definitely going to be epic!