You’re the Worst season 5, episode 2 recap: The Pin in My Grenade


The date is set for the big wedding on You’re the Worst, but will anyone show at the altar?

Jimmy and Gretchen have been making up stories and trolling wedding planners just for the lolz and free booze. Meanwhile, Edgar and Lindsey are taking wedding planning for the couple as seriously as any great maid of honor or best man alive.

The bestie couple who also bangs, Edgar and Lindsey are tired of the wedding plans being strung along indefinitely. They want a wedding more than anyone.

Edgar knows it’s only proper, and that Jimmy has some grand thoughts he has been keeping close. Lindsey knows that Gretch will hate not having a wedding day years down the road.

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Once gravity becomes the downer of the party, and Lindsey assures it will, there is always that one day of happiness to look back on.

Lindsey needed that day since she admits at the end of the episode she was never in love. Of course, she admitted this after screaming at Gretchen and busting her nose with a UFC grade right cross. Well, sucker punch, but who’s counting? The goal was accomplished in the end. Gretchen was as busted.

Her car is totaled for no reason, with no expectation of insurance payout, but that’s minor details. Only need one car to elope, right? Upon a breakfast intervention, Jimmy and Gretchen tell Edgar and Lindsey that this ruse with the wedding planners was never meant to be anything other than fun.

Jimmy and Gretchen gallivanting around, basking in their twisted romance and the euphoric bliss of the early engagement period.

Gretchen truly loves Jimmy. That is why she toys with him as she does. She did not show, but Jimmy was so quick to apologize that she tried to lean into the apology. She tried too hard to sell it, and Jimmy knew because he knows and loves Gretchen’s dark side more than anything.

Jimmy definitely knows her more than Gretchen’s therapist. Shrink lady wants three months of back pay but hasn’t even kept up with the latest news. It is Jimmy she shall marry. And it is the laptop screen she will shut as the shrink yells her protestations.

Gretchen found her preteen journal and video diary regarding her future marriage. Jimmy so eloquently laid out a wedding that strangers in a bar were in tears and wanting to attend. The universe wants a wedding.

The show’s fans, Edgar, Lindsey, and all those people who had their weddings ruined by Jimmy and/or Gretchen are looking forward to this event. Jimmy cannot be discouraged, but a wedding can be spoiled Edgar warns. Gretchen knows the difference from being hitched versus getting hitched. This is true love.

Lindsey accuses the couple of eloping to avoid the fake lame wedding. Edgar agrees because he is the dumb one of the group, he loves Lindsey, and they were in the midst of a rage bang. No matter who writes the book or adapts the movie, the man is agreeing with the woman’s wedding psycho-analysis at that moment.

Lindsey and Edgar’s analysis and post-romp planning could lead to a wedding after all. With the help of the fanciest toilet and Jimmy’s long-winded nature, the moment of truth to elope passed both with nary a notice. City Hall was not graced with the nuptials of Jimmy and Gretchen.

Jimmy and Gretchen have finally come to the point of acceptance. They will have a wedding with planning again in the early stages. A date that is not Lindsey’s birthday has been decided upon. On June 9 Jimmy and Gretchen have plans at the altar.

The way this ends will likely break everyone’s heart. The last shot of the episode hinted as much, but at least they can laugh at the 6/9 joke the whole way through.

Through the years, some very deep and real moments have given You’re the Worst an endearing depth. In this episode, Jimmy revealed he knows the pain of scorn. More precisely he knows the smell.

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When entering his house after missing the eloping appointment, his first observation is that he does not smell smoke. Andre Rison syndrome is real.

By the end of this episode of You’re the Worst, Lindsey learned to not leave he Snapple in a car she is planning to crash. Now we will never know the fun fact on the bottom of the cap.

You’re the Worst airs on Wednesday nights on FXX at 10 p.m. EST.