The Walking Dead awarded as world’s most in-demand show


The Walking Dead continues to have a big fan base not just in America but all over the globe.  As further proof of that, they have now been crowned the most in-demand series in the world.

Earlier this week, the Global TV Demand Awards awarded The Walking Dead as the most in-demand TV show in the world with Stranger Things also being awarded as the most in-demand digital original series.

The awards were determined with help from Parrot Analytics, who uses a measuring system to determine the demand of TV shows across 100+ TV markets worldwide.

This latest award for The Walking Dead indicates that the near-constant speculation of the show’s imminent demise (myself included) have been greatly exaggerated.

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The Walking Dead’s declining relevance among the American audience has certainly been no secret but with a worldwide appeal, that could understandably be seen as not necessarily a deal breaker for AMC execs.

After all, international markets have already become very important for movie studios, particularly with their blockbusters.

Oftentimes, the international audience (China in particular) have been known to save movies that would’ve otherwise been flops in America.

At this point it it is what’s keeping the Transformers series going and turned Fast and the Furious into a billion dollar franchise (whether or not that can seen as a good thing is entirely up to you).

As a matter of fact, it could go a long way to explain some of the moves AMC has been making recently.

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Not only have they stated that they have no real plans to cancel The Walking Dead anytime soon but they’re looking to expand the brand.

This includes more spin-offs, a set of Rick Grimes-led TV movies and keeping the whole Walking Dead universe going for another decade or  more.

Do you believe this award bodes well for The Walking Dead’s future?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.