Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 10 recap: Exceptional Human Beings


The latest episode of Young Justice: Outsiders debuts Victor Stone and sheds more light on the workings of the new League of Shadows.

Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho are on an ops mission to Santa Prisca. This island is the home of Bane, but Young Justice also recently found out that the League of Shadows is operating out of the same base. Metamorpho is a very useful field operative, changing into any shape to get the superheroes closer to their destination.

In this episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, we meet Victor Stone for the first time in the series. He’s a young student here, worrying about football scouts and pleading with his dad to make it to his game. Meanwhile, his father, Dr. Silas Stone, is working with S.T.A.R. Labs and the Justice League on examining a father box that can repair any kind of Apokoliptic tech. Dr. Ives of the League believes these boxes are pure evil, but Silas brushes that assumption aside. Technology and its influence on humanity is about to play a huge role in his life.

Dick Grayson/ Nightwing continues training the new Outsiders. Forager is now sans his shell, which was destroyed by Lobo in the previous episode. While Violet/ Halo’s powers have diversified, there’s more going on in the field than we realized. Brion Markov/ Geo-Force is definitely smitten with his new comrade, calling her ‘exceptional’ several times during training.

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Romance continues to brew elsewhere, as Jefferson Pierce/ Black Lightning and Dr. Helga Jace look on at their ‘kids’ in training. Brion is impatient to get to Santa Prisca and find his sister Tara. Unknown to him, Nightwing already has people following up on that lead.

Lady Shiva is on Santa Prisca training a group of ninjas, one of whom includes Cassandra Savage, daughter of Vandal Savage. She was rooming with Markov (we can assume she means Tara Markov), who has since disappeared. When Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke arrives at the League of Shadows base, he tells Cassandra that Markov ‘washed out’ and has been handed over to Granny. Who is Granny?

Considering Tara’s role in The New Teen Titans: Judas Contract book, Deathstroke has probably already co-opted Tara for a clandestine mission of his own. From Deathstroke and Lady Shiva’s conversation, it appears that the new League of Shadows and the Light are one and the same.

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 10 (Credit: DC Universe)

Artemis Crock/ Tigress is enrolling Violet into high school, the only problem is Violet needs a last name. She refuses to adopt her given name of Gabrielle Daou because of all the suffering that went with it. Thankfully, Will Harper is happy to lend his name to her. Hello and welcome to Violet Harper.

Will leaves the dinner table to meet Jade Nguyen/ Cheshire outside his home. He pleads with her to return to their daughter, but Cheshire has come to say goodbye. Nothing Will says seems to change her mind.

Back at Santa Prisca, Batman tries to stop a shipment of Venom from departing the island, only to have Bane get in the way. Bane gives Batman quite the beatdown and when Katana and Metamorpho try to help him, Lady Shiva and Deathstroke intercept them. Metamorpho is invincible especially since he’s in near-constant pain – nothing Deathstroke metes out will hurt him. He’s the MVP of this mission for sure but if Barbara Gordon/ Oracle hadn’t rescued them, I don’t think the team could have stopped the bad guys.

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 10 (Credit: DC Universe)

In Detroit, Victor Stone shows how determined he is – he has no time for frivolous locker room talk. He is too focused on the game, while his teammates mercilessly tease a petite fellow student who talks about wanting to be a meta. Said student is Cisco Ramon – so the joke’s on you, bullies!

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Victor’s efforts pay off and his team wins the match. Unfortunately, his father never made it to the game. To cheer him up, a scout from MetU applauds his skill saying he sees ‘great things in your future’. He’s not wrong, but Victor’s future isn’t going to pan out the way he imagined.