Young Justice: Outsiders season 3, episode 11 recap: Another Freak


The freaks unite in this episode of Young Justice: Outsiders as Halo and Forager attend their first day of school and end up making unlikely allies along the way.

We’re still in Detroit in the eleventh episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, where a furious Victor Stone barges into his father’s lab, despite security trying to stop him. Dr. Silas Stone is resigned to his son’s temper tantrum, but he doesn’t notice that when the security guard leaves the room, the door brushes against one of the cables hooked up to the father box that Silas is investigating.

Victor cannot contain his anger, which is fueled by his father’s calm demeanor and reluctance to engage with his son. There are only so many broken promises and years of neglect that Victor can take – why isn’t he as important to Silas as his work? Silas chooses to ignore the boy, who walks away in a huff. But when Victor opens the door, it catches the cable and rips it out of the machine. Before father or son can react, the machine explodes.

Silas is relatively unharmed by the explosion, but Victor’s been blown half to hell. It’s quite a graphic image especially for a show that started its life as a cartoon for children. DC Universe can’t make it any more obvious that Young Justice has grown with its audience.

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Since Victor won’t make it to a hospital, Silas grabs the father box in the hopes that it can heal his son. He places it on his son, transforming the boy’s life forever. The father box fuses with Victor, replacing his missing body parts with Apokoliptic tech. Silas wants his son back, but his colleagues are horrified. Rightly so. Victor emerges from the machine hell-bent on making his father pay for ‘murdering’ his future.

In Happy Harbour, Forager is slowly regrowing his shell, but that’s not going to be a good enough cover for him at school. Thankfully, he has friends in magical places. Zatanna has made him a glamour charm, and Violet Harper/ Halo has chosen a name for him – Fred Bugg.

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 11 (Credit: DC Universe)

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While Halo and Forager fit in comfortably with Young Justice, they stick out like sore thumbs at school. One of their classmates already brands them as ‘freaks’, but they’re in good company. Harper Row (who is the DC Comics hero Bluebird) befriends them almost immediately. She thinks they’re ‘freaky, but cool’.

Brion, who is not going to school, tries to hack the League computers to find out about Tara and her connection with the League of Shadows, but he’s locked out. Just then, Dick Grayson/ Nightwing tells him that Tara was indeed on Santa Prisca, but they just missed her. Brion loses it. He’s tired of being lectured on patience and attacks Nightwing. Nightwing stops Brion in his tracks by asking him to make an important decision:

"Are you the man who is perpetually looking back at what he’s lost? Or a man looking forward, at what he might become?"

Brion decides to stop obsessing over the state of his home country, Markovia. Moving forward, he’ll be okay.

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Though Violet is ecstatic at the prospect of being at school, she has been feeling unwell the entire day. She chalks it up to first-day nerves, but it seems her powers are directly connected to the Apokoliptic tech. Halo turns indigo for the first time and opens up a boom tube straight into Silas’ lab. Victor, still governed by the father box, attacks Halo immediately. She is able to incapacitate him, and then cleanses Victor of the father box’s influence. Victor pleads with Halo to heal him completely, but her powers don’t work that way; he’s stuck with the prosthetics the father box created. Still distraught at his father’s action, Victor decides to leave with Halo to be with his fellow ‘freaks’.