Gotham episodes 4 and 5 recap: Who destroyed Haven? And why?

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The woman (Teresa Walker) who Jim’s been talking to over the radio finally comes through for Gotham. Lead by Jim’s old army buddy Eduardo Dorrance (aka Bane!), the troops finally roll in to restore order.

While Jim is frustrated that they brought no supplies or food (Dorrance promises that will come later) and that it took the deaths of 300+ people to get Walker’s attention, he is hopeful that life will finally start improving for the citizens of Gotham.

The army and GCPD’s first priority is to capture Riddler, who has now been officially identified as the culprit behind Haven, but he’s not about to make it easy for them. While Jim and Dorrance are left to solve his latest riddle, Ed runs into trouble of his own, courtesy of wannabe vigilantes.

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Being tortured via electrocution actually provides a welcome break in the case, though. Ed reunites with Penguin, who he now remembers promised to “fix” him. Ed believes that Penguin broke him, but Penguin reveals that he paid Hugo Strange to save Ed’s life after Lee stabbed him.

When Ed pays a visit to the exquisitely evil doctor, Strange reveals that Ed is being controlled by a device that he implanted in his head on behalf of a mysterious third party. Unfortunately, Ed can’t do much with the new info since Strange cuts open his brain again and tinkers with the device to presumably fix the glitch.

Afterward, Ed still remembers everything, but he remains at the mercy of his controller: the U.S. Army, specifically Walker. As Dorrance reveals to a mystified and crestfallen Jim, he’s just following orders. He doesn’t know what Walker’s goal is or why she blew up Haven, but he’s on her side.

What he does know is that Walker wants Jim to shoot Ed as “proof of loyalty.” Dorrance also threatens to shoot Jim if he doesn’t comply. Jim chooses secret option C (running away… without his gun), so Dorrance orders Ed to find and kill Jim with his own weapon.

Bruce confronts Selina

Convinced that deep down Selina still has the same moral compass as him, Bruce tries to make her see the error of her ways and set her on a better path. However, Selina tells Bruce that she’s always been this way, citing her inaction the night his parents died as proof that she consistently acts in her own self-interest.

To her point, Selina and Bruce are not the same. They never have been, and they never will be. However, her characterization of herself is also far from accurate, and Bruce is proof of that. Over the years, she’s proved time and time again that she cares about other people much more than she wants to admit.

In fact, Selina has arguably gone out on a limb for Bruce more often that he has for her, which is even more meaningful considering her background. Growing up on the streets, Selina learned that looking out for herself should always be her first concern, and yet she put her life on the line repeatedly to look out for Ivy and Bruce.

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Selina’s dark side is undoubtedly becoming stronger, but Bruce is right to keep seeing the good in her too because it’s always been there and it always will be.

It’ll be interesting to see which side wins out next because Jeremiah is, of course, very much still alive, and he has a new, monumentally cruel plan to torture Bruce.

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