A Million Little Things season 1, episode 13 recap: Twelve Seconds


A Million Little Things, could we meet this Barbara Morgan already?

A Million Little Things got pretty interesting this week. I mean, I was starting to get annoyed of the whole “Jon screwed everything up” mystery, but I must say, now I’m intrigued. It could be because Constance Zimmer showed up and fixed everything, but whatever it is, I’ll roll with it.

A lot went down in this week’s episode, “Twelve Seconds”, and the episode title itself is gut-wrenching once we learn the story behind it.

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There are quite a few developments in every storyline, and this week gave everyone’s arc a boost in the right direction. Let’s start with Eddie and Catherine. I am happy to report that Catherine finally got it on with her coworker, but ultimately he screwed it up bad. Ever since the whole Delilah/Eddie reveal, Catherine and Eddie have been stuck in limbo.

After some encouragement from his bandmates, Eddie decided to talk to Catherine about their situation and suggested it may be time for a divorce. And honestly, why not?

It’s causing Theo to isolate himself and it only makes sense considering their marriage is over. Eddie gets to spend some quality time with Theo this week, and it is this time spent with him that makes him able to talk to Catherine.

During Theo’s absence, Catherine finally asked Hunter out on a date and had him come over for dinner. Things didn’t escalate too fast, but by the time the night was over, they had sex and Hunter spent the night.

The next morning was a tad bit awkward when Hunter told Catherine over breakfast that he was offered partner–and he’s taking it. Let’s just say she is pissed because he didn’t mention it the night before. It’s not so much that she is jealous of him making partner as it is that he didn’t just tell her before they had sex.

A Million Little Things this week was huge for Maggie and Gary, and it was one of my favorite parts of the episode. It’s time for Maggie to get a cancer screening and find out how much the chemo is helping (or isn’t). And there’s good news–sort of. The tumor shrunk by 8% and the doctor is optimistic that with some more chemo, they’ll be able to safely operate. But there’s still a long road ahead for Maggie.

It’s cute to see Gary celebrate with her anyway and announce to all their friends just how excited he is. In all of this, however, we never see Maggie talk to her parents. It’s because they don’t even know her cancer came back. It isn’t until she’s out teaching Sophie how to drive that she realizes she has to tell them. Who would have thought Sophie would be the one to make Maggie see the light, and be the reason she drove after Chad’s accident?

Now, let’s get to the part of A Million Little Things that everyone has been dying to learn more about–Jon’s incredibly secretive life. It finally comes out that Jon was hoping for the subway vote to come through and when he found out it didn’t, the next day he committed suicide. But this isn’t even the craziest reveal from the episode.

Ashley finally comes clean about everything Jon was going through and even gave Delilah the note Jon had left behind. Let’s just say that Delilah was pissed and Gary along with her. She also left behind paperwork for a trust that Jon had left behind under the guys’ names, as well as a Barbara Morgan, who we know nothing about. And, no, it’s not Constance Zimmer’s character.

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It turns out that the subway vote is back on, which means that if it goes in Delilah’s favor, that she’ll have all the money she needs to put these problems behind her. But if the vote doesn’t go through, then she’ll be screwed. Luckily, Catherine is able to find a buyer for the buildings, but there’s a caveat. Delilah has to decide before the vote because if the vote goes against her, then the offer will be rescinded.

While she grapples with making a decision, she’s confronted by Jeri (Zimmer), who confesses she was the one that told Jon about the subway vote going away. She feels responsible for Jon’s death, but Delilah stops her before she goes further, because let’s just not do that right now. Before Jeri leaves Delilah, she tells her that the subway vote will go in her favor and that she shouldn’t sell the buildings.

And as we all waited for the nail-biting decision, it was revealed that the subway vote did not go through. Moments before, Delilah told Catherine her decision, which we don’t know at the time. It turns out Delilah decided to sell the buildings and saved her and her family’s behind. A woman’s intuition is never wrong!

There is a tender A Million Little Things moment between Delilah and the kids as they read Jon’s letter towards the end of the episode. Whatever it said, it gave them some sort of closure. Jon explained he had been struggling for a long time, and nothing that happened was their fault. Ugh, it was pretty brutal to hear Jon’s voiceover, I’m not going to lie.

In a cryptic moment, Ashley calls Gary apologizing over and over again as she stood on the same balcony that Jon jumped from. She sadly reveals that it was just a 12-second gap that she left Jon alone before he jumped. Ugh, the feels.

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At this point, we assumed she was going to take her life, but really Ashley was saying goodbye because she’s finally going to Spain. But she wanted them to know that the buildings that Delilah sold were more than buildings to Jon. But uhhh, they’re sold already.

Gary and Delilah head to the apartment building to check it out and see what Ashley may be referring to. They finally see Jon’s old apartment and Gary spots the view from the window. It seems to be identical to the painting Jon brought into the chemo room. And guess who the artist is!? Barbara Morgan.

So, she’s the fourth beneficiary on Jon’s trust to the guys, and she’s also an artist? A Million Little Things, care to explain yourself?

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