Game of Thrones theories: Is Littlefinger still alive?


A new Game of Thrones theory suggestions one of the show’s main villains, who died last season, may actually be alive.

I have to admit; this new Game of Thrones theory makes me a little nauseous. What if Littlefinger is really alive?

A Reddit user recently posted a theory about Petyr Baelish, the former Master of Coin. It’s very long, but in summation, it says that whoever was executed by the Stark sisters last season wasn’t Littlefinger at all, and hat Littlefinger is actually alive.

This could be a stretch, and I hope it’s not true, but here are some of the reasons the Reddit user comes up with to explain his theory.

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Halfway through Season 7, Bran makes it crystal clear he knows what Petyr did and planned on exposing him.

In episode 5, he passes a coin to a woman who tells him, “Your time is up.” Who’s the woman? We’re not sure. But could this someone be a Faceless Man?

The user notes that Littlefinger seems off the remainder of the season. He switches from sneaky, calculated moves to sloppy and careless, especially when he tries to turn Sansa and Arya against each other.

And when the sisters are about to carry forth their execution, Littlefinger begs for his life. Again, he’s been in this situation before, but he never broke a sweat. Why would he now? It may be because it’s not him at all.

Maybe he was counting on them to execute him so he could fake his death so he could be free to carry out his plan, whatever that may be, in Season 8.

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It’s an interesting theory and is entirely possible. But it can also be argued that anyone whose life was in immediate danger of death may beg for his or her life as well. And who knows if there is even enough time to bring back a dead character in a mere six episodes.

All I know is, I can’t wait until April 14, when Game of Thrones returns.

Read the whole theory here.

Source: Bustle