White Dragon season 1 episode 4 recap


Is David the killer on White Dragon?

Jonah receives a call from Arthur saying there’s an “opportunity” to get Megan’s story out on White Dragon.  The supposed opportunity turns out to come from Xo International, whom Arthur tries to convince to let Jonah tell his story while Xo is out campaigning.  The idea behind it is that doing so will embarrass Xo’s political opponent who is friends with the Chief of Police and win Xo some political points. Xo turns this proposal down flat and Jonah angrily leaves once he realizes the whole thing is a cynical political ploy.

Rachel, having been present at the meeting, follows Jonah outside to give her condolences about Megan.  She also admits to having known Megan saying they both started in Hong Kong around the same time. Jonah then realizes he recognizes her from a photo of her and Megan together. Rachel then mentions she and Megan eventually drifted apart because of their respective husbands.  She offers to meet Jonah for lunch to tell him what she can and perhaps privately move the police investigation along.

Meanwhile, David notices the business card of Robin Liu, the lawyer who spoke to Lau in the last episode.  Lau claims she’s interviewing for a college project, though David isn’t buying it, not that Lau particularly cares.  Jonah later tries calling David for any new information but David acts suspiciously elusive.

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Michael calls Sally once again to inform her he has new info on Ben and he believes he can prove his death wasn’t a suicide.  He then tries to bargain with her to look through Ben’s apartment for new evidence which she soundly rejects.

After some prodding from Rachel, Jonah meets up with Tsui at the police station to see if he can get some answers.  Tsui unsurprisingly offers no new information on Megan’s death but he does finally put some context into what got David kicked off the force.  As it turns out, David had been busted taking bribes from no other than Kai Huang, the person driving the dump truck that hit Megan.

Lau goes to see Robin Liu who informs her that Megan had taken out a joint account in her and Lau’s name.  Upon her death, Liu was instructed to make Lau aware of the account and transfer ownership of it to her. Much to her understandable surprise, the account is revealed to have $5 million.

Jonah has his lunch with Rachel who claims that David was possessive of Megan, which played a big factor in her friendship with Megan falling apart.  Jonah then voices his own suspicions about David, at which point Rachel advises Jonah to stay away from him.

Sally meets up once again with Reza who says she’s willing to help get to the U.K. but she wants his help finding Ben’s killer first on White Dragon.  After that Reza calls Kai to talk to him about Sally and Sally calls Michael to give permission to search Ben’s place.

Lau goes to hang out with Becky and give her a camera she just bought so she can use it to document the protests.  Jonah then comes to see her and to ask if she knows where David is and accidentally drops the bomb about Megan’s death looking like murder.  He then asks her if Megan and David argued the day before her death which makes her angry and she leaves.

After participating in another protest against Xo, Lau and Becky hang out some more at a bar where Lau continues to spend freely.  Becky naturally asks where the money came from and while Lau admits it’s from her mother, she says she has no idea how it got there.  She also tells Becky about Megan’s death not being an accident.

Jonah goes to talk to David at his job only to be told that he’s not there.  As it turns out David is actually in Macau visiting a casino called The Illusion.

Jonah tracks down Lau at the bar to apologize for accusing her father and then asks to borrow her phone claiming that his has died.  From there, he sends David a text using Lau’s phone and is quickly able to get his location.

Jonah makes his way to the casino and asks a bartender for David’s whereabouts.  He asks by showing a picture of David and Kai and while he doesn’t recognize David, he says Kai shows up at the casino often and that he can probably find him at a poker table.

When he makes his way to the poker tables and sees David handing over the security camera hard drive to Kai.  Jonah confronts him about this but the casino security throws him out and roughs him up a bit for his trouble.

Michael meets Sally at Ben’s apartment but when Michael refuses to reveal who told him about Ben’s Triad connections, she leaves.

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Jonah waits for David to leave the casino and follows him to some docks.  As he’s doing that he gets a call from Tsui informing him that Megan’s remains have been found but they’ve been cremated and will be turned over to David.  Jonah continues to follow David to a boat but is eventually spotted by David who warns him that he needs to leave.  Jonah notices some blood on his hand and then sees Reza dead on the floor.  Jonah decides to try to call the police but ends up getting clubbed from behind.

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