Rick and Morty alum to work as showrunner for Loki on Disney+


In some interesting news, one of the alumni from Rick and Morty will take on the role of the showrunner of Loki when it comes to Disney+.

Michael Waldron, who served on the production staff on both Community and Rick and Morty working under Dan Harmon will get a chance to run the upcoming Loki series on the Disney+ streaming service.

As a writer, Waldron worked on HarmonQuest and as an executive producer, he worked on Good Game. While he has little experience in the area of showrunning, working with Dan Harmon is always a plus, as long as he doesn’t replicate his problems with delays.

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The news came from THR, which also reported the rumored storyline for the Loki TV show.

According to the site, the Loki TV series on Disney+ will follow the God of Mischief throughout time. Tom Hiddleston will return to the character but will portray an older Loki looking back at his younger self.

From the sound of it, the Loki show will focus on periods of history where Loki popped up and influenced various historical events and changed time. It was described as showing how Loki changed things that happened that no one knew he had anything to do with.

Marvel has not yet commented on the rumored storyline or on the signing of Michael Waldron. However, since Disney+ won’t even launch until later in 2019, there is plenty of time to promote the upcoming slate of Marvel TV shows.

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It also appears that, despite his long-standing role as a villain, his character will seem more heroic in this Disney+ series.

Loki is one of many Marvel TV shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service. Also rumored are shows based on Vision & Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier & Falcon and possibly Rocket Raccoon and Groot.