Who is Frank on The Walking Dead: Everything we know about Steve Kazee’s character


A brand-new character showed up tonight, but who is Frank on The Walking Dead?

Frank, played by Steve Kazee on The Walking Dead, made his debut this week on the hit zombie series.

The answer is simple. Frank was Alpha’s husband in the early days of the zombie apocalypse.

Who is Frank on The Walking Dead?

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This is a bit of a departure from The Walking Dead comic books because the backstory of Lydia was not really dealt with in the pages of the comics.

The idea here is to allow Lydia’s possible tragic backstory to paint a picture of her as a victim and not of her as a barbaric villain.

The entire idea is that Lydia suffered from an abusive relationship with her father Frank in the past, but that might not be true. See, the Whisperers have a way of making people believe what they want.

The idea is that her memories of Frank might have been altered somewhat by the barbaric acts perpetrated by The Whisperers. It turns out that he was a really nice and Alpha was the psycho.

“I thought it was a really smart choice to have the episode right after she’s introduced giving us history as to who she is,” Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero told Comicbook.com. He said this was a way for the television audience to get to know her without needing to read the comics.

Who is Steve Kazee?

Actor Steve Kazee took on the role of Frank on The Walking Dead this week.

While he is 43-years-old, Kazee started acting in movies late. Starting out in 2006, Kazee had a series of smaller television roles before he took on a starring role in the Ed Asner 2011 TV series Working Class.

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Many fans might also recognize Kazee from a recurring role on the Showtime series Shameless, where he portrayed Gus Pfender, the ex-husband of Fiona Gallagher (Anne-Marie Duff).