Top Chef: Kentucky – The greatest contender rankings


Bravo’s Top Chef: Kentucky is down to the final six contestants. Which contestant has ‘The Greatest’ body of work after serving to Laila Ali?

Kentucky’s have given bourbon, fried chicken, and Mohammed Ali to the world. Top Chef: Kentucky has devoted an episode or challenge to all three in this Derby race of a season. The judges have constantly praised the high level of work being served as a group. The winner of Top Chef: Kentucky Season 16 could lay claim to being the G.O.A.T.

But someone has to win it first. Last week, Laila Ali was a guest judge as the contestants made dishes inspired by her dad’s greatest fights. Even though Sara won the Quickfire Challenge to make the best fried chicken, she did not receive immunity. This late in the game, no one is safe from a knockout punch.

Eddie being eliminated was a surprise. He has never been in the bottom of any challenge individually and had several wins. Eddie was sent to Last Chance Kitchen to face Michelle to get back into the competition but was KO’d completely from the competition. Eddie’s food has been wonderful by all accounts, but his story behind the dishes have been lacking. He is a chef, not a public speaker. Mohammed Ali took a different approach to being a champ.

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  • Eric is the odds on favorite to win Top Chef: Kentucky. Five times Eric has been been in the judges top picks, with three Elimination Challenge wins. No other remaining Top Chef contestant has more than one win. Eric is still looking for his first Quickfire Challenge win however.
  • Justin has been chosen as a top dish four times, but has yet to win an elimination challenge. He has won the quickfire challenge twice, in a group the first episode and individually in week 7. Justin has only face elimination twice, and was not really at risk. His appearance at the chopping block end of the judges table was more a wake up call to the nitpicking coming in the later rounds.
  • Sara also has not won an elimination challenge, and been a top choice three times in the past four weeks. She has also been on the bottom four times, but has come out of the mid season rough patch quite well. Winning the with friend chicken in Kentucky is a reason to believe she can win. Her win in the blindfolded spice labeling quickfire challenge shows she knows her stuff.
  • Kelsey

    is a middle of the road gatekeeper, in boxing terms. She has been a top choice and a chopping block candidate three times each. Two of the past three weeks, she has been one of the judges least favorite and Kelsey seems to be cracking in the later rounds.

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  • Adrienne is a sleeper who can bring the thunder in a knockout dish, but not consistently. Week 1 she was almost eliminated. Week 2 she was a judges favorite. Week 7 she was great again, but Week 8 was almost eliminated. Week 10 she was again on her game, just to fall off when Laila Ali came for a tasteful sparing session.
  • Michelle has already been eliminated once before, recently. She was so bad in Week 10 she lost to boxed and bottled goods. Only a redemptive Last Chance Kitchen against Eddie has allowed her a puncher’s chance to win Top Chef: Kentucky.
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