Weird City season 1, episode 1 recap: The One


Weird City is the new YouTube Premium series by Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders and looks at a world of the have’s and have not’s.

What is interesting about Weird City is that, as expected from the mind of Jordan Peele, the status of a person does not always equate to that person being happy or content in their position in life.

The first episode of Weird City, “The One,” is a perfect example of that.

The world of Weird City is split up into two different sections — Above the Line and Below the Line. They are separated by a border station and only those deemed worthy are allowed Above the Line, where the wealthy live, although both can go Below The Line.

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In “The One,” we meet Stu (Dylan O’Brien), a young man born Below the Line. However, when his mother invented a hot app, he was able to move Above the Line. There is one problem.

People born Above the Line are assigned mates at birth under specific regulations. Since Stu didn’t move Above the Line until he was older, he was never assigned anyone and has found dating tough.

Luckily, one of his friends invites him for drinks. He is running late, like always, and he meets someone in the bar who introduces him to the company called “The One That’s The One.” This is a company that takes data and hooks a person up with the one that was meant for them.

After watching a strange infomercial with a pitchman (Shaughn Buchholz) promising to ding the perfect one for anyone, Stuu gives it a chance. He goes to the company and meets a technician (also Shaughn Buchholz — although he claims he is not the man from the video and has no idea what Stu is talking about), who takes him in to start the procedure.

He asks random questions such as what is Stu’s favorite number and favorite food before asking — if Stu were walking along and found a tortoise, and turned it onto his back so it would die because Stu refused to help it, why would he do that? — The final question was, what would you do if you met someone you thought was in a video but the person denied it being him.

Anyway … the man tells Stu that his One will be at his home at midnight that night to meet him.

At 12:15 a.m., the One finally shows up and it is an older guy named Burt (Ed O’Neill). Neither Burt nor Stu is gay, and they are confused. They finally agree to catch a bite to eat anyway at a diner Below the Line. Turns out they love the same food.

After dinner, they go their separate ways and Stu plans to go get a refund for the mistake.

When he shows up, he can’t find anyone until he finds the man who created The One That’s The One, Dr. Negari (LeVar Burton) who is sleeping. Then Burt shows up, startles Stu, freaks out De. Negari, who then runs away.

Stu and Burt decide to have lunch but end up having sex instead. They then realize they are in love. They introduce themselves to Stu’s parents, who loves Burt. They introduce themselves to Burt’s kids, and while his daughter likes Stu, the son isn’t happy.

However, Stu wins over the son.

A year goes by and they are about to celebrate their first Christmas together. That is when the technician shows up and says there was a mistake. Turns out Stu’s perfect one was a woman and Burt’s was an old, cranky man.

Then Dr. Negari shows up and says that the law Above the Line requires that people only be with their perfect matches, and even though Stu and Burt seem happy, they cannot legally remain married. They receive a forced separation and Dr. Negari brings in two armed security men to force the issue.

Stu leaves and goes to his new One — who shares nothing in common with him and he is miserable. Finally, Stu realizes this is not what he wants and he races to stop Burt from leaving to go to his One.

He reaches the pod station but is too late (he is always late) and the pod leaves. Then, Burt shows up and reminds Stu he is always late too and the couple kiss.

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The first episode of Weird City then ends with Stu and Burt choosing to pack up and move back Below the Line where they are allowed to live happily together without the rules and regulations forced upon them by the wealthy Above the Line.

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Weird City is created by Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders. The first episode, “The One” was directed by Adam Bernstein and written by Charlie Sanders and is available to stream on YouTube Premium.