The Passage, season 1, episode 7: You Are Like the Sun


The Passage revealed a big mystery this week as well as a new one. And with someone’s death comes an opening spot in Fanning’s master plan.

I had a thought as I was watching last night’s The Passage.

This is the type of show you would normally see on a premium channel, and those typically have a slow burn. You may not find out about the main character’s background for a season or two.

The Passage moves at lightning speed, revealing a lot, almost like a brain dump, during every episode.

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I guess that’s what makes this so different from other network dramas. Many get canceled before you get a chance to find out what’s going on, but The Passage is giving you everything in case it gets canceled.

“You Are Like the Sun” gave us a huge reveal and it is only episode seven: how Brad’s daughter died.

We know Brad and Lila’s marriage crumbles after the death of Ava. But we find out the heartbreaking reason why.

On the day of Ava’s soccer banquet, Lila gets called into major surgery. The only problem is, she’s in charge of bringing the trophies and decorations to the banquet. But Brad swoops in and takes care of everything.

When they get to the restaurant, they realize Lila forgot the markers, so Brad runs across the street to a convenience store to buy them. He forgets his wallet and just when he realizes, he turns around, and some guy is holding up the store. Ava runs across the street with the wallet, and when she opens the door, the robber gets spooked and shoots her.

Brad is consumed with guilt and grief. He should have protected her.

He eventually comes clean to Lila that she didn’t identify the guy in the lineup on purpose, so he could kill the guy himself – which he does. Clark saves the day by hiding the evidence of the murder, then convinces him to work for Project Noah.

We also find out that Brad and Clark were much closer than we thought; he was Ava’s godfather.

As we saw during the last episode, Brad and Lila are knocked out and taken away from the compound, most likely on Horace’s orders, who is now completely in charge of Project Noah.

They manage to escape and are rescued by Clark, who has now realized that Project Noah is off the chain. Welcome to the good side, Clark!

Back at the compound, Elizabeth is getting sicker and sicker. It’s only a matter of time before she is forced to choose death or “life” by joining Fanning and becoming a vampire.

Fanning refers to her as the “twelfth” that they need, and he is sure she will join them. But he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

Elizabeth’s love for Lear is too great, and she chooses death. That scene was heartbreaking. It reminded me of when Henry Ian Cusak played Desmond on Lost. “Not Penny’s boat!” UGH!

Carter reappears to Amy and offers to show her where her book is. While he chose to be a vampire, he isn’t exactly sticking with Fanning. He knows what’s coming and he wants to prepare Amy so that she can help save the world.

Part of his idea of helping her is pushing her to share some vulnerable things she’s hiding, like the guilt she was carrying when her mother died. It turns out; she blames herself because the night her mom overdosed and died, they had gotten in a huge fight. Amy told her she hated her and left. When she came back, the ambulance was there.

Carter believes Fanning will use this against Amy, so he encourages her to resolves her feeling. He tells her that she can “go anywhere.” So, Amy visits her mother, just like Carter goes to see his dead grandmother.

After some time with her mom, apologizing and hugging her, they hear a knock at the door. Her mom disappears.

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It’s Fanning. With Elizabeth dying, he now needs Amy to be number 12.

What is so special about having 12 people for his plan? Hopefully, it will become clear next week.

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