The Passage season 1, episode 6 recap: I want to know what you taste like


While the crew is getting closer to figuring out how to kill the vampires, there’s a slight snag in the plan on The Passage.

The Passage seems to be picking up the pace in Episode 6. We’re still shown backstory, but the action is increasing. And while I’m not a fan of horror movies, like Nichole, the show is becoming more and more like a horror story.

Six months prior to the show’s current events, Shauna Babcock hadn’t turned yet. She was bored and craving a scary movie and a pizza.

Nichole and Shauna bonded over their failed attempts at suicide, both donning semi-colon tattoos. Nichole arranges a viewing of The Fly for Shauna, complete with a pizza. She even watches it with her. Shauna also asks her to go see A Quiet Place so that she can describe the movie to her. Clark offers to go with her and thus begins their “romance.”

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Throughout the episode, Shauna keeps appearing to Nichole, taunting her, calling her the worst kind of bad person. Sauna feels abandoned by Nichole, and she wants everything that’s hers. She wants to know what she tastes like, hence the title of the episode.

Meanwhile, after “reconnecting” with his wife, Lear must break the news that she will become a vampire. She’s devastated. Fanning appears to Elizabeth telling her not to be upset because she’s a chosen one.

In other news, Winston is on the loose, creating more and more vampires as he goes. Luckily, Amy can track him, since those with the virus are connected.

Amy, Brad, Clark, Horace, and bunch of their henchmen go off searching for him, find his killings as they go. One of the men he killed was the man who kidnapped Lila (who worked for Project Noah).

They find Lila, and they go off to some plant where Amy has tracked Winston. But Fanning is furious and Winston for going so off course. He urges him to get it together and kill Amy because she’s not playing for them.

Ultimately, they kill Winston and suddenly, the rest of the vampires collapse. So, this means if you kill the creator vampire, you kill the ones that were created by that vampire.

Back at Project Noah, Lear and Nichole decide they need to kill the vampires, especially Fanning. But, in doing so, they find out they will also kill Amy and Elizabeth. Fanning lives another day.

One other thing to note is Brad and Amy’s relationship on this episode. Amy seems defiant to him most of the episode. He tells her not to tell Horace and Clark about her powers, but she does it anyway. She’s also more than willing to help them catch Winston.

Maybe she’s just a teenager, and Brad is trying to be a father to someone since the loss of his own daughter, but in the end, they are both grieving, and they come together in the end. They only have each other.

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After Horace makes Amy ride with him and Clark (who is finally on board with the sketchiness of Project Noah), he makes Brad and Lila ride in the next car. Before Brad reaches the car, he gets knocked in the back of the head by a guard. ::eyeroll:: How many times is he going to get hit in the head before there’s brain damage?!

Hopefully, Brad is OK. But since he’s the star of the show and this isn’t Game of Thrones, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

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