Things you missed during Season 2 of Game of Thrones


The final season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner, and it’s time to re-watch the whole series.

My Game of Thrones binge-watching continues with Season 2. I’m slightly ahead of my goal – an episode per day leading up to the finale April 14.

I know it sounds like a lofty goal. But I’m doing it because I think it will help me to enjoy Season 8 even more. Everything will be fresh in my brain.

So, without further ado, here are ten things you may have missed during Game of Thrones Season 2.

1. Robb is responsible for his undoing.

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At the beginning of season 2, Robb is riding high on multiple victories and capturing the King Slayer, Jaime Lannister. But when he suddenly sees his future wifey and baby mama on the battlefield, his days were numbered right there, as you eventually see in season 3

2. Theon goes home.

But he’s not exactly welcomed. I’m all for his sister having a high position within the family, but it seems as though Ned Stark did Theon a favor by taking him from his father and the Iron Islands, because he may never have lasted there. To prove he’s a true Iron-born, and to make his father proud, he betrays the family that took care of him most of his life. This proves to be a very costly mistake.

3. Right under Tywin’s nose.

He knows Arya is missing somewhere, yet he never suspects that the highborn girl disguising herself as a lowborn boy could be Arya Stark? I know he was a little preoccupied with his multiple battle loses, but still, he could have traded Jaime for Arya.

4. The red comet.

In season 2, both Daenerys and Osha claim that the red comet means there are dragons. But in the books, many believed that the comet unleashed more magical power to those who possessed it, like Melisandre. I mean, she gives birth to a smoke baby soon after that. Other theories suggest that the comet was the signal for the White Walkers to start their march south, which obviously affects what’s happening now.

5. Arya loves Gentry.

It’s no accident Arya and Gentry ends up on a little journey together in season 2. I think it’s meant to signify the history of friendship between the Starks and Baratheons. And while we know there’s a bit of an age difference, I think there is a strong possibility when these two are reunited, sparks could fly.

6. Tyrion is a leader.

Tywin appoints Tyrion as Hand of the King to keep his nephew in line, which he does for the most part. He may not be able to fight, be he is diplomatic and smart. He saw an opportunity to bring the Martells in as allies, so he marries Myrcella to one of them. He was also instrumental in the Battle of Blackwater victory. So, Daenerys making him her Hand at a low point where he has lost confidence, later on, warms the heart even more.

7. House of many visions.

When the warlock kidnaps the dragons, Daenerys must go into the House of the Undying to find them. When she walks through a door, she sees a snowy, icy throne room, seemingly destroyed. Could this be a vision of the future? Do the White Walkers make it all the way to King’s Landing? She then sees the Wall and more snow. Well, we already know she makes it beyond the Wall so that vision may have already come true.

8. Don’t mess with Daenerys.

The end of season 2 is a turning point for Daenerys. in Qarth, when she finds out Xaro and Doreah betrayed her, she shows them no mercy. And for the first time, we see that maybe she has a little of her father, the Mad King, in her.

9. Quite the foreshadowing.

Lancel is the first to talk about wildfire, and he ends up dying by wildfire. Just thought I would point that out.

10. Craster and his inbred babies.

Incest is not something foreign to Game of Thrones. In fact, it’s all over the place. And believe it or not, Craster is the most disgusting example of it. He keeps having sex and impregnating his daughters and granddaughters. Excuse me while I hurl.

But when the women give birth to male babies, he gives them up to the White Walkers. But why do they want these babies? His mother was a wildling, and his father was a Night’s Watchman. Many references are made to Craster’s blood being “black.” It means it’s cursed.

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One Reddit user said the reason the White Walkers are taking Craster’s sons is that “he has the blood of the Others. He is using incest to purify his blood into babies usable by the Others for conversion.”

We can only assume these White Walker babies are more powerful than the wights (made from those killed in the north and whose corpses aren’t burned).

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