Orphan Black: New series in development at AMC


Orphan Black might be returning to television!

The Clone Club has a reason to celebrate because Orphan Black might see a resurgence of sorts. Variety reports AMC is currently developing a new series within the universe!

In the article, it’s stressed that this new show would not be a reboot or a spin-off but exist within the world already built on Orphan Black. Details are scarce, but it doesn’t sound like Tatiana Maslany would be leading the new show. However, because it would still be telling a story in the same universe, it’s possible she could reprise one of her characters or an entirely new character on the series.

It’s interesting because the series finale was a bittersweet but generally perfect note to end off on. It would be surprising if the show takes place after the events of that episode or goes back in time for the new plot. Considering the finale kind of eliminated the major antagonist in the cloning world, the show might need to find a new bad guy to focus on.

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Variety also revealed the project is actively seeking a writer to pen the pilot and accepting different pitches about the direction of the story. There is no word whether Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are onboard with the new project.

Orphan Black was a revolutionary series on television and garnered a lot of critical acclaim in its five-season run. Tatiana Maslany played over twelve unique characters which led her to three Emmy and one Golden Globe nomination. She also won an Emmy in 2016 for her performance and was largely considered the biggest snub when she was overlooked in the first couple of seasons.

Considering the success of the show, it’s a surprise that AMC is the network developing this new series. Originally, Orphan Black aired on BBC America and they would be the natural fit for airing this show. However, Temple Street Productions is back to produce the series like they did with the original.

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Are you excited Orphan Black is returning in this form? What would you want this show to focus on? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Variety