Breaking Bad movie has to star Jesse, according to Aaron Paul


Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul was at the Sun Valley Film Festival and has some comments about the rumored Breaking Bad movie.

When asked about the upcoming Breaking Bad movie possibility, Paul originally started out by dismissing them as just rumors — for now, via Variety.

Paul said that “rumors are funny” and then went on to discuss old rumors that he was going to play Han Solo, which he never was. As for the Breaking Bad movie, he claims he hasn’t heard anything about it yet either.

The most recent rumors indicated that the Breaking Bad movie could air on both Netflix and AMC, with the two sharing the costs. Those same rumors indicated that the movie would be about Jesse, so Aaron Paul would have to know something about it.

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Of course, this is Hollywood and the name of the game in Tinsel Town is non-disclosure agreements. How many times has someone denied knowledge of something and then ended up admitting that they were signed on all along?

For that reason, Aaron Paul needs a break.

However, Paul did admit that if a Breaking Bad movie were to take place, it would have to star Jesse. The reason for that is simple. Breaking Bad told the story of Walter White, from the start of his slip into the criminal world to his death.

Since Walter died in Breaking Bad, the movie would have no choice but to star Jesse, since he survived.

With all Paul’s talk about “rumors” and not believing everything you read, Bryan Cranston said in the past that the movie was happening. He also said that he would not be opposed to appearing in it, either as a flashback or a vision.

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The actual rumors indicated that a movie was shot from November until mid-February that was under the title Greenbrier about a man who was kidnapped and his quest for freedom. Many speculated that it was the Breaking Bad movie and it was about when Jesse was kidnapped by neo-Nazis and had to cook meth for them until he escaped.