State of the Gallaghers: Shameless after 9 seasons

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Ian Gallagher

If any Gallagher was considered the black sheep of the family, all large families have one, it would be Ian. Ian Gallagher did not get blessed with being the best Gallagher at anything. Lip was more attractive, though your opinion may differ. Lip was brighter, with more social skills, that much was obvious. Carl was the younger boy, with a bit more audaciousness.

Ian felt squeezed as a middle child. Then natural genetics laid being gay and bi-polar schizophrenic on top of the lack of at home nurturing.

Ian has reason to hate Frank and took that level of hatred to violence several times. Frank even busted Ian’s nose with a headbutt in the middle of the living room. DNA testing shows Frank is Ian’s uncle, not father, meaning that any grace of Gallagher genetics can spoil a whole grove worth of family trees.

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Ian came out as gay early in season one. Fiona already knew Lip needed time to process and understand. Everyone in the family came around, but the rest of the world had Gay Jesus coming in season 8. The family knew there would be bigger battles fought beside being homosexual.

Ian wanted to get into the military but did not bother to finish high school. Ian has been guilty of jealously far too often, and it gets the best of him. With Caleb and Trevor both, Ian crossed a line. At home early on, Ian shut off from Lip when the Army wanted Lip’s mind more than Ian’s muscle. So Ian stole their helicopter and became a fugitive.

Ian spent time on several wanted list and had warrants served for more than one felony. Thankfully his last one made enough news to catch his one true love’s attention. So now Ian and Mickey Milkovich have been reunited in prison, where they can do as they please as cellmates.

Ian was always a great friend. Molly Mickovich, Mandy, and many others had a loyal shoulder to cry on, a kind ear to listen. Reports are that Ian will again make a few appearances in season ten. Whether Ian is still in prison running a cell block with Mickey, or released early due to medication refusals and overcrowding, there are several interesting plot lines and story angles to be explored.