The Orville season 2, episode 11 recap: Lasting Impressions

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THE ORVILLE: L-R: Guest star Leighton Meester and Scott Grimes in the ÒLasting ImpressionsÓ episode of THE ORVILLE airing Thursday, March 21(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Kevin Estrada/FOX

The Orville then jumps ahead to Gordon and the crew at Laura’s game night where Gordon is absolutely awful at Pictionary. Ed finds an opportunity to point out how late it is and that they have to get up early and he, Talla, John, and Kelly leave.

They clearly had an awful time and agree to talk about it more in the mess hall the next day.

Still in the situation, Gordon and Laura chat. Since Gordon had told her that he’s a pilot, she asks him if he can help her get over her fear of flying. He talks her through some imagery to help whenever there is turbulence, which she says helps. They kiss.

Gordon wakes up the next day in Laura’s bed. Kelly is calling him because he’s late to work. He saves the simulation and works to pull on clothes as he runs to the bridge.

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On the bridge, everyone is a bit distracted by Bortus loudly chewing gum to curb his nicotine addiction.

Before they can get going for the day, Gordon gets a call from Laura. He says he can’t talk, but they giggle quietly over the phone about their night last night. Kelly and Ed both look worried.

Later, they talk with John and Talla about what they should do. They consider maybe blocking the program, but before they can decide on anything, Gordon comes over. Gordon starts talking about how great Laura is (in the present tense).

That’s the breaking point. They finally confront Gordon about the fact that Laura isn’t real. Gordon responds by saying that she’s real in all the ways that matter since the program wasn’t designed by a person, it was pulled directly from her information and personality. He argues that she’s as real as Isaac. After all, can you really tell if Isaac is sentient? Maybe he’s just really good at fooling people.

Ed argues that that is all just Gordon’s perception, but it isn’t the truth of the situation. Gordon shoots back by saying that Ed could be in a relationship with a Krill, but it’s not ok for him to be in a relationship with Laura. Ed says it’s different because the Krill lied to him. Here, Gordon is lying to himself.

In his quarters, Bortus looks for Klyden. He asks the computer where Klyden is and finds Klyden in an airlock smoking. They go back to their quarters and argue.

Bortus says Klyden isn’t committed to quitting. But right then, Klyden finds a cigarette Bortus had tried to hid. He tells Bortus to show him where he was hiding cigarettes. After, they agree to watch each other more closely from now on.

Gordon heads back to the simulator to see Laura. But, when he walks in, he finds her holding hands and talking to Greg. Sensing the tension, Greg excuses himself so Laura and Gordon can talk.

Laura explains that she and Greg were getting back together. She says she never expected this to happen. Gordon is clearly hurt, but Laura asks him to still be friends. Gordon doesn’t answer.

This cuts to Gordon telling John about what happened. Gordon says he should have seen it coming since the fact that she and Greg got back together was right there in the phone data and text history.

John says it’s for the best in the long run. After all, you can’t just conjure up a girlfriend in the real world.

Still, Gordon goes back to the simulator. Before entering, he asks the simulator to delete Greg from the program.

Gordon enters the program and finds himself in a Macy’s where Laura is at work. He learns that Laura is up for a promotion and he offers to take her out to dinner if she gets it. Through this, he also finds out that he is now her boyfriend.

Laura suggests they take a trip together since Gordon was able to help with her fear of flying. She’ll buy a ticket on one of his flights. He agrees, but only if he gets to sing with her at the bar one night.

This takes Laura by surprise. As she talks, Gordon realizes something in the program has changed. Laura doesn’t sing in public. In fact, she’s never performed in front of people before.

Gordon pauses the simulation and asks the simulator what changed. Of course, Greg was deleted. Without Greg, Laura just wasn’t the same person.

Later, back in his room, Gordon is visited by Kelly. He’s moping at his computer after looking through Laura’s phone information and confirming that Greg had been the person who had encouraged her to sing in the first place.

Kelly says that you can’t just remove people without taking their influence away as well. She points at Ed and how none of them would have ended up on the Orville without him as an example.

Gordon confesses that he’s worried he’ll never meet someone in real life who makes him feel the same way Laura did. He says he’s going to miss her.

Back in Bortus’ quarters, he and Klyden eat angrily, still arguing as they deal with nicotine withdrawal. Klyden makes a move to go to the synthesizer to make a cigarette, but Bortus stops him. By punching him in the face.

The two fight and break a table. Claire comes in and stops them. She has the injection ready.

Elsewhere, Gordon goes back to the simulator (with Greg reinserted). He walks in on Laura performing another set at the bar. Gordon walks straight up to the stage and starts singing a beautiful duet with her.

After the song ends, Laura goes and hugs Greg.

Gordon tells them that he came by to say goodbye. He says he received a job offer across the country as a test pilot and he has to leave tomorrow. Laura asks him to keep in touch and not forget about them.

Gordon promises that she’ll never be forgotten.

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Before he leaves, Laura asks to get a picture with him on her phone before she puts it in the time capsule.

This episode of The Orville concludes with Greg taking a picture of a smiling Gordon and Laura.

Not quite the drama-filled episode The Orville has had lately. What were your thoughts on spending some time with the lovesick Gordon? Let us know your thoughts on The Orville in the comments.