9 Bold Predictions for Game of Thrones season 8

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Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones (Credit for all: Helen Sloan/HBO)

8. Cersei will be beheaded, Jon will swing the sword

Cersei will have to face Daenerys for a litany of crimes. Daenerys, because of her respect for Jon Snow and the pain Cersei has caused his family, will defer to him. Jon, facing the hatred he feels for her and pressure from his sisters (while still considering the feelings of Jamie and Tyrion, who he now considers friends and allies), will sentence Cersei to death for her crimes.

I’m on the fence, but I believe Jamie will be able to convince Jon to let Cersei have the baby before she is killed. (That is, depending on how much time passes during other parts of the season. The baby may have already come by the time the North is able to fight her and capture King’s Landing.)

Jon will allow Jamie to keep the child. Jon isn’t one to punish innocents for the crimes of their parents.

Then, like his father and brother before him, Jon will swing the sword to behead Cersei, executing the sentence he has given.

9. The North will remain in the hands of a Stark, peace will reign

So, where will we stand when all this is over.

Daenerys and Jon, despite the incest thing, will marry, with Daenerys ruling over the seven kingdoms.

Daenerys will fill out her small council with Tyrion (Hand), Varys (Master of Whisperers), Brienne (Lord Commander of the Kingsguard), and Sam (Maester).

How does Brienne wind up Lord Commander? It’s offered to Jamie, but Jamie turns it down in favor of taking his new child back to Casterly Rock and ruling over it as the lord there. (Bronn goes with him, by the way. Still waiting on that castle.) Then, the next logical choice, in the minds of Jon and Sansa especially, is Brienne. It’s a fitting accomplishment for her and the perfect way to tie up her character arc.

Sam’s appointment won’t go down well with the other Maesters, but Jon will make sure it happens. Cersei already broke the “have a real Maester” idea down, laying the groundwork for Sam and his family to join Daenerys’ council.

That leaves Sansa and Arya. They will return to Winterfell. Sansa will rule as Ward of the North and will be the Lady of Winterfell.

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I’m on the fence about Arya. Arya may stay by her sister’s side, leading the Northern army when necessary and being Sansa’s enforcer. Or she may accept an assignment at the Wall, taking over as Lord Commander and seeing a complete overhaul of the Wall’s history and a rededication to making sure the wall is manned and trained properly. Or, you know, Arya may just disappear and go about her own thing. She’s a mystery.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. What do you think? How far off am I? Season 8 is coming soon. Be sure to put all of your Game of Thrones predictions below.