Game of Thrones producers respond to season 7 criticism


Much criticism swirled around Game of Thrones season 7 due to its shorter season and quicker pace.

Did you notice anything different about Game of Thrones last season?

If yes, you weren’t alone. Many other fans noticed it, too.

According to, fans think that season 7 had a much quicker pace from the prior seasons. Specifically, how long it could take characters to travel within Westeros throughout Game of Thrones.

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But in season 7, the characters were moving about Westeros at rapid speed. Some characters even got to where they were going in half a season.

While Game of Thrones traditionally puts out ten episodes, season 7 only had seven episodes.

So, were showrunners intentionally changing the pace since there were only seven to work with?

Game of Thrones producer Bryan Cogman finally responded to the criticism through an interview with Entertainment Weekly this week. He said,

"“We made a choice to ‘just get on with it’ last season. You can sit at home and do the math on how long it took to get the boats from Point A to Point B and whatever that was, yeah, that’s what it was. There’s always something everybody has got to graft on to and I guess that outrage was better than others, so I’ll take it.”"

In other words, if that’s the biggest gripe people have about season 7, he’ll consider it a win.

But what about the show’s final season, which only has six episodes?

Game of Thrones writer, Dave Hill, had this to say about it,

"“Fans shouldn’t worry too much about those pacing problems popping up again in the show’s final six episodes. You obviously don’t want any criticism of any kind. But with all the things we were balancing to set things up for season eight, sometimes we had to speed things up within episodes. We had a lot of time cuts the vast majority of viewers didn’t catch. We could have a [title card] on there saying ‘Three Weeks Later,’ but we did not. ”"

It’s not really Game of Thrones style to use title cards.

As a fan who watches a ton of TV, Game of Thrones season 7 is near perfect. Yes, the pace was noticeably quicker, but it didn’t feel rushed to me. Maybe there was more to show on these journeys in earlier seasons. Perhaps nothing happened on these boats worth showing.

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My point is, don’t overanalyze it so much and enjoy the darn show!
Game of Thrones returns for its final season April 14.

Did you share the same criticism regarding season 7? Do pacing problems bother you on a show? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!