This is Us season 3 finale recap: Her


SPOILERS AHEAD! I repeat, major This is Us spoilers ahead! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, This is Us showrunners, you really had us going there.

You really had us thinking Beth and Randall were in major trouble. But really, what we were watching was a typical marriage at a crossroads. And because they’re the rockstar couple that they are, they overcame their issues – with the help of their kids.

Deja and Tess feel that there has been a shift in their world, and Deja, in particular, isn’t having any of it.

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She tells Randall she has a debate club meeting, but she tricks him into driving her to an old foster home of hers. And then she delivers a “Randall speech,” in which she draws on her crappy experience to convince Randall that he hit the lottery twice, once when he was adopted and again when he met Beth.

Don’t squander those winnings, Randall!

So, he calls Jae-won to find out what happens if he resigns, and it ain’t easy. He would have to put his resignation in writing; then the city would hold a special election, which would cost the taxpayers more money.

But he’s determined to save his family.

When Beth comes home, and he tells her he’s resigning, she surprises him by telling him they are moving to Philly. He will keep his seat, and she will open her own studio. They’ll downgrade.

So, it looks like the Pearsons are moving to the City of Brotherly Love!

Kevin and Zoe are dunzo

I’m sad to see this couple go. But Kevin proved that he’s a natural with kids. He loves Zoe enough to give up that dream, and Zoe loves him enough not to let him give up on that dream.

They were supposed to be together during that time because I think Zoe matured him. And Zoe helped her open up. The relationship ran its course, but it was obviously impactful for both of them.

Baby Jack comes home

The NICU can be a scary place for any parent, but not when you have the magical Rebecca as a mom and there to help.

Due to Kate’s own insecurities, she seems jealous that Rebecca help reminds Jack to breathe (by tapping his itty-bitty foot). But deep-down Kate appreciates her mom being there and it’s better than the alternative: not having her there.

Which leads me to…

The flashback

Rebecca gets in a car accident when the kids are little. She’s fine, but she ends up in the hospital overnight.

But Jack and the kids are sort of lost without her. Corn sandwiches? Yuck!

He ends up bringing the Big 3 back to the hospital in the middle of the night to be with her. When the night nurse doesn’t let them through, he describes Rebecca as the engine of their family car. Without her, they don’t work.

So, that makes the flash-forward so…upsetting.

In the future

In what has been teased since last season, Tess and Randall arrive at a big house. Beth is there already. We see a flash of her wedding ring, and Randall calls her “baby.” Thank God, they’re still together.

Next, Toby shows up…by himself. “Boy Kevin’s house is big.” So, we know they’re in Kevin’s house.

Randall says, “So nice of you to come. I called Jack; they’re on their way.”

Excuse me? Why wouldn’t Toby be there anyway? Where’s Kate? Is Kate in the “we” with Jack? Are Kate and Toby divorced? Or is ::gulp:: Kate no longer with us?

I apologize for all the questions, but the weight of those few seconds is very heavy with loads of new questions.

Then a little boy runs by and calls Randall “Uncle Randall.” No, that’s not Jack, it’s Kevin’s kid! Who’s his mom? Sophie? Or did Kevin adopt?

Then, Randall walks to a room, says hi to Uncle Nicky (wait, what?!) and then says hi to his mother, saying, “I’m your son.” Rebecca is obviously sick and in a hospital bed.

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A few more questions: Does Nicky now live with Kevin? Where is Miguel? Where is Kevin? And what in the world is wrong with Rebecca?

It was a satisfying This Is Us finale up until the last five minutes (teased last week). So, my last question is, what did you think of it?

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