The Act season 1, episode 5 recap: Plan B

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The Act — “Plan B” – Episode 105 — Gypsy and Nick scheme to meet in person and hope to win Dee Dee’s approval, but when their plan goes disastrously wrong, they’ll be pushed to make an extreme choice in order to be together. Nick Godejohn (Calum Worthy), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu)

The Act continues its trek through the story of Gypsy and Dee Dee. This episode brings us to the very precipice of Dee Dee’s death.

This episode of The Act opens in 2015, the year we’ve all been waiting for—the year of Dee Dee’s mysterious death.

Gypsy and Nick have been “dating” for two years now, still strictly over video chat. Their relationship has progressed to the two role playing while masturbating. Nick is typically Victor while Gypsy plays a variety of characters to please him.

One night, as they go about their business together, they discuss finding a way to finally meet up in real life. Gypsy says she’ll try to find the perfect time for them to meet up so Nick can make a good impression with her mom. They’ll just pretend that they’re meeting for the first time. That way, Dee Dee will like him and approve of them being together. Then, everyone can be happy.

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Nick agrees, saying that he recently got a promotion at work that should allow him to save up money. He’ll go wherever Gypsy tells him to go, whenever she says to be there.

The next day, Gypsy wakes up and excitedly starts working to convince her mom to go on some sort of outing. But, Dee Dee is in bad shape. She’s completely lethargic and out of it. She hasn’t been taking her insulin and hasn’t been working out, so she’s just getting sicker and sicker.

Eventually, Dee Dee snaps at Gypsy because Gypsy just keeps asking to do things. Dee Dee grabs Gypsy and asks why all the work she’s done to keep a roof over Gypsy’s head isn’t enough.

Dee Dee eventually apologizes, claiming she’s just tired.

This transitions to Big Bend, Wisconsin where Nick lives. We see him going to work at a pizza place. His promotion is being allowed to work in the kitchen. But, Nick proves that he’s not quite ready for that responsibility when he drops two pizzas on the ground while being trained.

His boss is very nice and patient, but Nick still winds up on the side of the road wearing a sandwich board, yelling promotions at passing cars.

That night, Nick and Gypsy again video chat and masturbate together. Part of the fantasy is about him (well, Victor) coming to save Gypsy from her “evil” mother. Nick warns Gypsy not to say things like that because Victor may take them seriously and lose control—Victor is capable of killing.

Gypsy then puts scissors to her throat, asking if Victor would cut her mom like that. They both finish with Gypsy holding the blade to her neck.

After, Nick asks Gypsy to send him the scissors. He also reinforces the fact that Gypsy should never ask Victor to hurt her mom unless she seriously means it. Gypsy backs down, saying she was playing around.

The next day, Gypsy and Dee Dee talk in their living room (which has become a mess, filling with junk ever since Dee De has been sick). Dee Dee is remorseful for turning Gypsy down on her outing suggestions. She notes that there’s a new Cinderella movie coming out and says they can go to that together.

Gypsy is ecstatic.

The Act then cuts to Nick opening a package from Gypsy. She’s sent him a brand new shirt. He’s not quite sure why until he talks to Gypsy on video chat that night.

Gypsy is ready to put the plan into action to have him come meet her and her mom in person. The shirt is to help him make a good first impression. She’s gotten him a bus ticket and he’s supposed to meet them at the movies.

Gypsy has it all scripted in her head. They’ll meet in the parking lot and Nick will hold the door open for them while saying that a princess should never open her own door.

Nick has to write what he’s supposed to say down and he brings it with him to his bus.

Transitioning to the day of the movie, Nick is ready to get on his bus and Gypsy is getting dressed in what you’d expect someone in their 20’s (? at this point, she’s supposedly around 24) to wear. Dee Dee, on the other hand, expected Gypsy to wear her Cinderella costume and wig.

Unsurprisingly, Dee Dee’s will wins out and Gypsy puts on the dress.

At the movie theater, everything that can go wrong does. Gypsy and Dee Dee arrive and there’s no Nick in sight. He’s not in the parking lot and he’s not in the lobby. Gypsy tries to stall by asking for concessions.

Nick, out of breath, finally shows up. Gypsy is happy to see him. Awkwardly, though, he strides right up to Gypsy and Dee Dee and says that a princess should never open her own door.

Good line, but Dee Dee is logically concerned about the strange man who just walked up and started talking about doors out of nowhere. She wheels Gypsy off and into the movie theater, wary of Nick.

In the theater, which is completely empty, Dee Dee wheels Gypsy to a handicap spot at the front. They settle in, but Gypsy keeps looking over her shoulder for Nick. Dee Dee tells her to focus on the screen.

Nick eventually gets into the theater and sits in the seat right behind Gypsy (again, completely empty theater).

Dee Dee, startled by the creepy guy from the lobby sitting right behind her daughter, wheels Gypsy to the other end of the row and settles in again. But, of course, Nick moves behind them again. Increasingly frustrated, Dee Dee moves Gypsy once more. This time, Nick doesn’t move behind them. Instead, he leaves the theater.

After a minute, Gypsy pretends to have to go to the bathroom and leaves to go find Nick.