DC Universe’s Doom Patrol season 1, episode 9 recap: Jane Patrol


After Jane had a meltdown, her personalities were lost in the Underground inside her mind. Can Jane save herself from her worst memories on this week’s Doom Patrol?

Episode nine of Doom Patrol gives viewers a look inside Crazy Jane’s mind. As Hammerhead (Stephanie Czajkowski) drags Jane’s rom-com obsessed personality Karen into the Underground network, we meet a number of Jane’s 64 personalities, including Kit W’the Canstick, Scarlet Harlot, Lucy Fugue, Silver Tongue, Jill-in-Irons, Mama Pentecost, The Nun, Pretty Polly, Flit, Baby Doll and The Secretary. While Hammerhead locks Karen away, Jane appears, only to be chastised by the other personalities for leaving her body without a personality. None of the other personalities are played by Diane Guerrero, but Karen and Jane are.

The personalities all serve a purpose, which means some of them have never seen the light of day. To maintain the balance, someone needs to take over Jane’s physical form. Who better than… Jane herself? On the subway ride to ‘the top’, Driver 8 (another personality, also played by Guerrero) reveals that occasionally she feels the urge to step into the light, but she knows her duties lie in running the train. Jane isn’t ready to face the world, so she tries to delay her duties by pulling the emergency brakes on the train.

Jane escapes to a scenic memory when she is interrupted by Penny Farthing (Anna Lore) who tells her that this lakeside getaway is her favorite hideout. Jane can feel herself spiraling out of control. She leaves Penny to get some answers from a three-headed personality called The Sisters. The Sisters insist that Jane will find answers by going to the well. When she leaves them, Jane finds Penny listening in on their conversation. Penny is certain that going to the well is bad news – one of the primary personalities, Miranda, jumped into the well and there is precious little left of her in the Underground.

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Doom Patrol — EP 109 — “Jane Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Up top in the real world, Rita Farr/ Elasti-Girl desperately tries to revive Jane to no avail. Since no one else has any ideas, the Negative Spirit abandons Larry Trainor/ Negative Man’s body and somehow sends Cliff Steele/ Robotman into the Underground.

Cliff finds the broken-down train and mistakes Driver 8 for Jane. Driver 8 is equally surprised to find that Cliff looks human, but that’s an illusion created by the Negative Spirit. Driver 8 promises to help Cliff find Jane but instead calls reinforcements. Hammerhead and Driller Bill lock Cliff in a cell alongside Jack Straw (a catatonic scarecrow personality) and Karen.

Karen’s love-sick notions make her believe that Cliff is here to ‘win’ Jane back. All Cliff wants to do is to make amends with his surrogate daughter. Hammerhead takes Karen away, leaving Cliff alone in the cell. When he finds that the walls are fragile enough to break through, Cliff claws his way out. Penny finds him and tells him about Jane’s plan to go to the well.

Doom Patrol — EP 109 — “Jane Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Penny explains to Cliff that the closer they get to the well, they will have to wade through darker memories. Both of them power through to find Jane, who is not pleased to see Cliff. She demands he return home and leave her to her task. As Jane inches closer to her destination, she encounters the original memory of Kay who was at the mercy of her father’s abuse as a child. Jane takes Kay’s place in the memory and heads to the well.

Cliff follows Jane, but is stopped by Black Annis. She will not let any man pass through to the memory, so Cliff rips off his human form, revealing himself to be a robot. Black Annis lets Cliff go, and he rushes to Jane. The deepest, darkest part of the Underground is Kay’s father who appears as a giant, unstoppable force. But Jane is no longer afraid of this man. Through sheer willpower, she vanquishes the beast and his hold on her.

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We’ve seen how much Jane means to Cliff because she is filling the void that his daughter left. But what Cliff hadn’t seen all this while is what kind of father Kay (the original personality) had, and how it has affected Jane’s relationship with Cliff. Cliff and Jane reappear in the real world, and it seems Rita and Victor Stone/ Cyborg have had an adventure of their own. Cliff tells them that he believes Jane is better. But when Jane returns to her room, it’s the voice of Kay’s father ringing in her ears.