Showtime’s The Chi season 2, episode 3 recap: Past Due on good intentions


This week’s episode of Showtime’s The Chi, Past Due, showed that even with the best intentions, one step forward can still lead to two steps back.

The second season of The Chi is slowly peeling back the emotional layers for all of the connected characters. Detective Cruz has more at stake than a C.I. Ronnie is fighting for his sanity as well as his freedom. Kevin and Brandon just want to be rid of the guilt. All had good intentions. All are past due with dealing with the consequences of their actions.

Ronnie always had good intentions. When he came home from the war, through the first few months back, up until Ronnie pulled the trigger that killed an innocent child in Chicago. Despite Ronnie’s intent, Coogie Johnson is still dead. While he may not be drinking Pruno daily, he still does not have a lawyer who believes in him.

Brandon has good intentions and great food, but no permit. He also did not have to cheat on Jerrika with his married boss. Five thousand dollars and a three-page spread may be too much to bite off for Brandon. His confidence in his decision making is rightly questionable.

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Serving up soul food tacos to pimp house funerals pays the bills a lot quicker than contest anyways. The attendees’ outfits have just as much flavor as his food truck fixings.

Kevin had good intentions but wound up shooting Ronnie by mistake. In a slightly related case, Kevin has some eyewitness testimony that some call witnessing, while others might call it snitching. The consequences of saying anything in public are too much for his deceived mother.

Maisha has Kevin more confused than the judicial system. Dropping off the gifted bike seemed too nice for Maisha. Papa had to school Kevin on leaving trace evidence and the dangers of riding dirty. Kevin can ride scared, back and forth, with her homework

Brandon and Kevin are linked forever, sadly, through gun violence. They’ve both been affected in several ways, and the consequences will linger on forever. Both will need to take the healing process slowly, one meal at a time.

Emmett’s relationships are not as jovial. Restaurant customers are less than satisfied with the limited menu. Emmett’s babies mother is less than satisfied with the child support order payments, and is trying to squeeze him for more cash.

It’s been three weeks since Emmett last bought some fresh kicks. The extortion of child support is old and played out. She can kick rocks while reading the agreement, at least until after his shift is over. The feelings of remorse and repressed sexual frustrations can get the best of any separated parenting couple.

Ronnie’s feelings of regret and remorse take a different form, and leave Detective Cruz to deal with the fall out. Grandma Ethel will always be more important than some stranger’s feelings of justice and righteousness. All fans of grandmothers and/or The Chi understand why Ronnie had to seek a release.

At the end of “Past Due”, Brandon had hope of winning the tasting contest. Kevin has high hopes of feeling helpful again. Helping Maisha with her younger siblings will help Kevin move past the tramua of shooting a recently released Ronnie.

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Emmett is inviting more drama into his life, jumping from the fried chicken pan and into the fire. The easiest way to solve Brandon and Emmett’s issues is to form a partnership at Sonny’s location. However, the partnership comes with stipulations and compromises, especially in The Chi.

In The Chi, those can be dangerous. Just as the deceased Quentin “Q”, who broke one rule too many for his partners.