The Tick season 2 finale recap: Choose Love!


Arthur and the Tick join with their allies to take down Hobbes and save AEGIS and their friends. Secrets are revealed and love is chosen over fear.

Miranda Li informs the Flag Five that Rathbone has been struck down by an assassin’s bullet and that Overkill is now AEGIS’s most wanted on The Tick. “Acting Agent Commander Dr. Agent Hobbes” sends for Arthur and tells him that in order to help Dot – who has gone vigilante and is a known associate of Overkill – he needs to bring her in immediately.

Hobbes sits confidently with his back to the very window through which Rathbone was shot, alerting Arthur that Hobbes doesn’t fear Overkill because he is actually in control of him. Arthur has Sage teleport him and Tick out of the building undetected so that he can warn Dot and set a plan in motion. Sage goes back to AEGIS to work with Flexon to protect Lobstercules. Hobbes, realizing that Arthur and Tick have somehow snuck out, sends for Joan of Arc and begins to assemble a strike team.

Dot finally comes clean to Arthur about her abilities, saying that if she had been there with Rathbone she might have been able to change things. Arthur realizes that they officially filed a report about the babies and that Hobbes must know about them. He calls Joan and Walter at the apartment to warn them, but by that time the strike team has already arrived. Walter fights them off while Joan and Kevin gather the babies. Just as it looks like they are about to be overrun, Kevin admits that he has a secret too. He touches Joan and they both become invisible. He touches Walter too and they sneak out with the babies undetected as more troops swarm the house.

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Meanwhile, Hobbes recruits Lint as leader of the Flag Five if she agrees to do his dirty work. Hobbes gets AEGIS, she gets the keys to the kingdom. Overkill calls the team, telling them all about Hobbes and the mind control chip. He says he won’t let Hobbes use him again, that he won’t give him the chance. He tells them all that “you are the people in my life” – touching words for the emotionally repressed Overkill – and says goodbye. But before he can do anything, Hobbes takes control again. He allowed Overkill freedom, knowing that he would call the team and lure them out of hiding. Luckily, Arthur is smart enough to know this

Despite Tick’s general childishness and practical stupidity, he’s a wise and idealistic character. He sees the best in everyone and encourages them to see their best selves. He’s the friend we all need, a relentless cheerleader and enthusiastic friend. And he’s all about truth and justice. He’s been struggling all along with the secrets they’ve had to keep for the safety of others and now he comes to a poignant realization.

The truth about the truth is that it’s a choice. You can choose love or you can choose fear, and everything after that is up to destiny. Hobbes chooses fear – after all, what else is his prejudice against categories based on? – but the team chooses love. Despite the trap they know they’ll be walking into, they go after Hobbes to save Overkill.

Flexon goes to visit Lobstercules, but no one is around to open the containment area. Edgelord is wandering around with Lint’s all-access tablet, looking to access the armory – looks like Lint has some sinister plans of her own – and he casually opens the door for Flexon. Unfortunately, Lobstercules is gone.

The team arrives at Overkill’s last known location and Arthur wonders how they could have possibly missed that Hobbes was evil. Tick reasons that he was hiding it under all his “pasty blandness.” Overkill lures the team to the right spot, where Tick is attacked by the mind-controlled Lobstercules and Hobbes emerges from the shadows, outfitted in classic villain wear – black turtleneck under a dark blazer. Tick calls him a villain, but Hobbes disagrees. He’s just a dedicated government employee finally accomplishing the true goal of his agency. Same thing, though, right?

Lint is there to back Hobbes up, only she’s not. She’s just distracting him long enough for her own team to clean out AEGIS. Once Edgelord confirms that she is officially the woman who stole AEGIS, she leaves Hobbes high and dry to take care of his own mess. He still has Lobstercules and Overkill under his control though, so he steps out of the way and gives the kill command.

The Tick struggles with Lobstercules but refuses to fight back against her, while Arthur and Dot take cover from Overkill’s fire. Arthur tries to call Superian for help, who told him he could hear him from anywhere on Earth. Unfortunately, Superian is taking a walk on the moon and contemplating turning back time to before he became unpopular and ignores Arthur’s call. Dot draws Overkill’s fire, able to dodge the bullets with her ability, while Arthur wrestles the remote away from Hobbes and destroys it. Lobstercules and Overkill are no longer under Hobbes’s control, which gives him zero power against them. They chose love and saved the day!

Meanwhile, at AEGIS, Rathbone lies dead on a slab at the morgue but is mysteriously brought back to life by a huge tentacled creature called Trakkorzog that emerges from his black hole heart. It summons some kind of energy portal, says its own name, and then returns to the void of the black hole. Rathbone rises moments later, living and breathing once again.

Rathbone later addresses an assembly, acknowledging that mistakes were made and that AEGIS took some hard knocks, but as a result, it has freed itself from a dark shadow. He’s learned that secrecy and going it alone is not the way to go – that only by working together can they keep the world safe. His speech receives resounding applause, but Sage can sense that Rathbone still has one more secret. “It’s gonna be a whole damn thing, just watch,” he comments to Bronze Star. Season three, ho!

Lobstercules got her babies back and is renting out the back of Flexon’s houseboat until her legal issues are cleared up. She hired Kevin as a full-time nanny. Overkill has his name cleared and shakes hands with Rathbone. Joan decides to stay with Walter and the family, including Tick, all have a big group hug. Dangerboat decides that this is one of those character-defining moments that requires the observance of a certain tradition. As subtle as Overkill tries to be, he cannot stop the call of a dance party – even one that only he can hear. Dot joins him and they dance party together. Arthur and Tick set out on their afternoon patrol, ready for the next adventure.

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Superian comes to the decision to turn back time on Earth, willing to risk the lives of 7 billion people in order to restore his popularity. Before he can put his plan into action, however, a spaceship approaches and a voice calls out to him, “Fugitive 11-X, assume the position!” So Superian was some sort of escaped prisoner, which might go a long way to explaining his mental instability. Surprised and then resigned, Superian falls back and simply exclaims, “Oh! Shit.”

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