Veep season 7, episode 5 recap: Super Tuesday


How far is Selina Meyer willing to go to become President? Veep fans, do we really need to ask this question?

Veep gave us one of the most emotional and strongest episodes of the series so far. It’s weird to even say emotional when it comes to this series but as we’ve come to learn, Veep has always managed to surprise us.

Super Tuesday is quickly approaching and Selina and co. are…somewhere? They’re not entirely sure but it’s somewhere in the South. As always, Selina’s speeches are catered to appeal to whoever they can, and by that I mean, anyone. However, the speech Leon writes for her this week is one she is unable to use. It’s about a woman named Rosa, but unfortunately, she’s been deported. But wait, Selina actually sort of made her up so…never mind.

This week’s episode of Veep brings Andrew back into our lives after his indictment. Selina goes to tell Catherine about her father being in hiding as a result but she’s dealing with postpartum depression, which doesn’t seem to bother Selina much. Are we surprised, though?

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Andrew has a new lawyer who is a bit off an oddball and informs Selina that Andrew could potentially take a deal. This wouldn’t bode well for Selina so she tries to convince the lawyer that she can pardon Andrew after she’s President. Come on Selina, are you really trying to incriminate yourself more than you have?

Let’s not forget that she’s currently involved with the Chinese so there are all sorts of hot messes going around. The Washington Post is apparently talking about foreign meddling so Selina finally tells Ben and Kent about Keith Quinn and the Chinese.

Remember the influx of Chinese money? Well, given that people are starting to talk, that money needs to go so what better way to get rid of it then ask Gary? He’s doing faith-based work so Selina asks him to just use all the money up. If only he knew where that money came from.

Now, let’s talk about Jonah. He’s running the most ridiculous campaign yet continues to keep some sort of following. For his 38th birthday, Amy suggests doing some fundraising, “38 for $38”. As always, Jonah is over the top extra and dismissive. The best worst character ever, in my opinion.

For those who may have forgotten, Dan was fired by Selina and is now joining forces with Richard. As a disclaimer, Richard reminds him that he can’t go around having sex with any of the coworkers, you know because that’s Dan’s thing.

Meanwhile, Selina joins Mike on his podcast and alludes to Senator Talbot’s husband partaking in tax evasion. She doesn’t have any evidence, of course, but it’s enough to make people question Talbot all together. Speaking of questioning candidates, Jonah riles up a crowd in Florida against Selina and gets them to question about where she’s from. Oh, the parallels to the real world.

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And if we’re talking about how Veep tries to portray political events, then we have to talk about all the election rigging in the episode. Keith Quinn comes bearing more news stating people voting in Houston think they’ll be audited by the IRS if they vote. Not sure how he did this, but Selina does not want to know.

Andrew ends up making a deal after all just as Selina bathes in the glory of taking down Talbot through her husband. Things are looking pretty grim for Selina because Andrew funneled funds through the Meyer Fund so it makes her an accomplice. Husband and wife then make a devastating decision–pin the blame on Marjorie.

Marjorie isn’t slow though, folks. As Selina tries to entrap Marjorie with the Meyer Fund, Marjorie is quick to notice that something is off. And her hunch is right! She’s being recorded on Andrew’s phone so Andrew has no option but to come out of hiding. Instead of Majorie taking the blame, she ends up asking for Catherine’s hand in marriage. Only on Veep can a moment like this take a weird turn.

Selina ends up asking Keith to help her with the whole Andrew situation, and it doesn’t exactly go as she wanted. Actually, it’s the worst possible thing ever. The boat Andrew was on as the sole passenger exploded–and he’s gone. Did Keith have something to do with this? Yup. He “took care of it” based on Selina’s facial expressions. Well, then.

Selina has a form written in Mandarin and there’s only one person who can help them translate it–Mike’s adoptive daughter. She can do so without actually realizing what it could mean. Smart move, Selina, smart move. But while this is all going on, Jonah is knee-deep in birth certificate nonsense which reveals that his wife’s dad is his dad as well. Uhh, say what?

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So, they’re half-siblings that are married and based on the fact that his wife is puking moments after this, does it mean she’s pregnant? This incest is getting gross and confusing.

Selina stumbles across good luck after learning that the Meyer Fund investigation is being dropped and the Washington Post is not going to talk about the election fraud. And as far as that note goes? It basically says that Selina getting a nomination means Laura Montez will win the Presidency.

There are just two episodes left, Veep fans. Where will it all end? Honestly, I have no flipping idea.