DC Universe’s Doom Patrol season 1, episode 12 recap: Cyborg Patrol


Cyborg has been captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and is currently being held at the Ant Farm. It’s up to Doom Patrol and Silas Stone to break him out.

Cyborg was apprehended by Darren Jones (Jon Briddell) at the end of the previous episode of Doom Patrol. Victor Stone had shut down his operating system, the Grid, for fear of being taken over by it, but that has left him defenseless to Jones’ machinations. Cyborg is a well-known superhero, but Jones is able to sway the Bureau of Normalcy to keep him prisoner.

Cyborg at the Ant-Farm

Cyborg is locked in a cell and his frantic attempts to get out yield nothing. His next-door neighbor overhears Vic’s desperation and starts conversing with him. Referring to himself as 722, Vic’s neighbor has lost track of how many decades he’s been locked in the Ant Farm. All he can reveal is that from time to time the inmates are taken away to ‘serve the country’ and when they return there are perks awaiting them in their cells.

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As Vic ponders his situation, his system reboots itself. But something is wrong. The Grid replays the accident that turned Vic into Cyborg over and over, before Vic screams for it to stop. The system is broken, repeating itself over and over, driving Victor almost insane.

Doom Patrol — Ep. 112 — “Cyborg Patrol”– Photo Credit: Tina Rowden / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jones is displeased to see Cyborg in this state. Whatever plans he had for Cyborg are going up in flames.

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Doom Patrol Searches for Cyborg

This is Larry Trainor/ Negative Man’s worst nightmare. After Larry’s accident, the Bureau had captured him and for years experimented on him and the Negative Spirit. He was only able to escape because of Niles Caulder/ The Chief. With Niles out of commission, Larry suggests bringing in Vic’s father, Silas Stone (Phil Morris). He knows Vic’s systems inside and out. But Crazy Jane and Rita Farr/ Elasti-Girl forbid Larry from involving Silas – they are aware of how contentious Vic’s relationship with Silas is.

Unfortunately for them, Silas’ concern for Vic has led him straight to Doom Manor. When he finds the Grid has been uploaded to an external computer, Doom Patrol can no longer deny him the truth. Remaining calm under pressure, Silas keeps searching the computer trying to figure out what Vic was looking for in the multiple diagnosis reports. He insists that all of Vic’s systems were created to save his son’s life. Doom Patrol don’t believe him.

Silas decides to reach out to his contacts to retrieve Vic, but when that strategy falls through, Silas has another. He needs Doom Patrol’s help to break Vic out of the Ant-Farm. Rita is horrified, but Larry wants to help Vic.

Silas takes the team into the Ant Farm, with Larry and Jane pretending to be Bureau staff bringing in Cliff Steele/ Robotman as an asset. The Ant Farm has these creepy cybernetic androids that freak Cliff out. Doom Patrol have hardly walked in when Jones stops them. After taking out Crazy Jane and immobilising Cliff, Jones encases the Negative Spirit in a capsule, leaving Larry unconscious. Silas sold them out to see his son. But what deal has Silas made with the devil?

Silas Stone has a Plan

Forsythe, a Bureau scientist is happy to see Larry again. Larry is a two-in-one asset – the Negative Spirit has its uses, but Larry’s body has radioactive properties that Forsythe believes will serve the Bureau well. Larry is eerily calm despite the situation he’s in.

Doom Patrol — Ep. 112 — “Cyborg Patrol” — Photo Credit: Mark Hill / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Elsewhere, Cliff is stuck to a giant magnet and his design is deemed to be primitive by a Bureau scientist. The Bureau apparently see robots with brains all the time, so plan to recycle Cliff’s parts for scrap metal. This episode feels eerily similar to the Titans season one episode, ‘Asylum’.

When Cyborg learns that his father traded the team for him, he is outraged but Silas assures him that everything will be okay. There’s a reason why the team are unperturbed by their capture. Silas had already divulged his plan about betraying them to the team, which is why Rita wasn’t among them when Doom Patrol was captured. Instead, Rita has been hiding inside Cliff’s system, and the moment he’s alone, she reforms herself and turns off the magnet.

In the meantime, Jane is threatened by a dancing Bureau member, but continues to be nonchalant despite there being a cleaver waved in her face. Everything is going according to plan, when Karen – Jane’s rom-com personality – takes over. She hypnotises the guard who then sets off the alarms, alerting the Bureau to Doom Patrol’s escape.

While they search for Vic, Cliff sets the rest of the assets free. How many of them will feature on future Doom Patrol episodes?

Cyborg Goes Rogue

Silas continues to try and convince Vic that he has his son’s best interests at heart. Silas has brought a chip with Grid on it, because the team needs Cyborg if they want to escape. Vic, however, is inundated with information from his system claiming that Silas is lying. Finally, Vic is shown footage of Silas purposely adding nanites to Vic’s body despite knowing the ramifications. These nanites are turning Vic’s organic systems cybernetic and this is the last straw for him.

Vic attacks his father, punching him unconscious. To Vic’s surprise, Mr. Nobody appears, congratulating him for following through with his plan. The footage Vic saw was Nobody’s creation, and Vic bought it. Realising what he’s done, Vic tries to retaliate, but Nobody disappears.

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The episode ends with Vic holding his dying father’s body, while Doom Patrol looks on helplessly from a distance.

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