Castle Rock Season 2: Annie Wilkes gives ‘more urgency’ and ‘more tension’


Greg Yaitanes, director of Castle Rock’s “The Queen,” has revealed more about the season 2 premiere, and it sounds powerful.

Season 1 of Hulu’s Castle Rock was a mind-bending, perplexing, winding road of a story. Greg Yaitanes, director of acclaimed episode “The Queen,” suggests season 2’s premiere will improve on the methods he’s already applied. Specifically, IndieWire quotes him as saying, “That episode had a strong point of view of character.” Yataines gained sufficient praise for directing Sissy Spacek, but says the story of Annie Wilkes will have “more urgency” and “more tension.”

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A “Stephen King nerd” or not, adding to the story of Annie Wilkes is a risky venture. Annie’s a rather respected character among King fans, and the antagonist to the Oscar-winning film, Misery. Lizzy Caplan will play a younger Annie Wilkes, which should be interesting to see. Greg Yaitanes will be directing another season 2 episode as well.

What else is known about Castle Rock’s 2nd season?

Although it’s not known how many characters will return from season 1, this season will have more well-established Stephen King characters altogether.  In addition to Ms. Wilkes, this season will feature Paul Sparks as John “Ace” Merrill, a character who appeared in Stand By Me. The season will also see actors who previously appeared in King projects.

Tim Robbins will play Ace Merrill’s father, Reginald “Pop” Merrill.  As you surely know, Tim Robbins starred in the much-loved Stephen King film adaptation, The Shawshank Redemption.  Obviously, season 1’s Sissy Spacek previously played the titular character of Carrie.

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Story-wise, we know Castle Rock will explore a feud between the Merrills and a Somali family, the Omars. Yusra Warsama will play Dr. Nadia Omar, who works at a hospital in Jerusalem’s Lot. Barkhad Abdi will play her brother, Abdi Omar. Also, Elsie Fisher will play Joy Wilkes, Annie’s daughter! It should be interesting to see the chemistry between these different families, and also to learn more about the complex multi-verse that is Castle Rock.

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(Source: IndieWire)