Game of Thrones season 8, episode 4 reactions and surprises

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1. R.I.P. Missandei

It was genuinely heartbreaking not only watching Daenerys’ right-hand-woman meet her demise but that she did so in chains. As you know, earlier in the series, Daenerys set Missamdei free, and she chose to stick with her queen. I can’t believe she died before Grey Worm. Instead of pulling Cersei off the wall as her last action, she chose to scream “dracarys” as her last words. When this happened, I thought maybe we’d have an Avengers: Endgame scenario here where Captain America could summon Thor’s hammer. I thought for sure Drogon would show up and kill them all with fire. But instead, it was a message to Dany, “Burn them all.”

2. Will they or won’t they: Jaime and Brienne will!

I’m not going to say I didn’t want this to happen, but it’s something I never thought would. Brienne has been in love with Jaime for quite a while now, and Jaime, well, he was busy with his sister. So, with them both emotionally stunted in the love department, I was surprised to see that they had their day in the dark. Maybe it was weird for some, but I am happy that they finally acted on their chemistry.

3. Jaime leaves Brienne.

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And just when I thought he had changed, Jaime leaves Brienne to ride south to Cersei. While some Jaime haters might not be surprised, I was because I believe, aside from Theon, Jaime Lannister has come the furthest. We hate him, now we root for him. I don’t want to believe Jaime has reverted back to a scumbag. I think we have an Old Yeller situation here. I think Jaime is going to kill Cersei himself (I’ve been saying this for a while now) and he knew if he told Brienne this, she’d want to go with him. But he knows it’s probably a suicide mission. So, he pretends he’s a bad guy and that he doesn’t love her so that she can move on and not go after him. Something tells me she won’t let him go that easily.

4. R.I.P Rhaegal

They did not just kill off another dragon. Like wtf?! It just freaking happened. Now we’re down to one dragon? It feels like Game of Thrones wants us to believe these animals/creatures are going to serve some sort of significance, and then they kill them off like it’s nothing. But, if you looked closely, the dragons were pretty beat up from the Battle of Winterfell. One of them even had holes in its wings.

5. Gilly is preggers.

I had a feeling Gilly was hiding something the last episode, but I thought it had to do with little Sam showing signs of him being a White Walker. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find out she’s pregnant. It also seemed as though this would be the last we see of Sam and Gilly, which seem strange to me. But what purpose would they serve to the rest of the story? Anyway, congrats you two!