The Twilight Zone season 1 episode 7 recap: Not All Men

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“Not All Men” — Pictured: Taissa Farmiga as Annie of the CBS All Access series THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Photo Cr: Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

The first season of the reboot of The Twilight Zone continues with a strong social commentary with “Not All Men.”

This episode of The Twilight Zone follows Annie, who one night is asked on a date by her coworker, Dylan. She’s reluctant at first, but eventually agrees to go over to his house to watch the upcoming meteor shower.

That night, though, things take a turn when many meteorites start landing around town, including one near Dylan’s house.

The two of them decide to go check it out and find a small meteorite in a puddle of red water. Dylan, recklessly, grabs it and takes it back to the house. It’s cool, but there doesn’t seem to be anything supernatural about it, so they go back to their date.

As the date progresses, the two wind up kissing on Dylan’s couch. Dylan makes a move to take things further, but Annie rebuffs him, saying she should leave. Dylan starts to get angry, grabbing Annie so forcefully that he leaves bruises on her arms. Starting to get scared, Annie grabs her things to leave. Dylan eventually calms down and apologizes for his actions and Annie leaves.

As Annie walks to her car, she hears Dylan scream and smash his record player against the wall.

As The Twilight Zone moves forward, it highlights news stories about how people have become obsessed with the meteorites. They’re coveted collectables and there are even Facebook groups dedicated to them.

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Anyway, back to Annie. She’s having dinner with her sister, Martha, for her birthday. Also there are Martha’s husband (Mike), teenaged son (Cole) and family friends Phil (also, Annie’s boss who helped her get her job) and Olivia. Phil mentions that he’s recently partnered newbie Annie with his best employee, Dylan, at work. Annie gets very quiet and uncomfortable as there’s an implication at the table that the work relationship could potentially become something more.

Cole is the only one at the table who knows, because of a conversation when Annie first arrives at the house, that Annie recently had a date that went very bad. He immediately knows Dylan is the guy who acted inappropriately (or “got weird”) with Annie.

Dinner is interrupted by a neighbor’s lawnmower breaking and the neighbor screaming.

Everyone goes out to see what’s going on and the neighbor is furious and covered in red water that’s spouting from a hose he ran over. His anger seems elevated, unnecessary for the circumstance. Eventually, everyone heads back inside.

Annie, Martha and Olivia then go meet up with another friend at a bar for birthday drinks.

There, men, still obsessed with the meteorites, are putting the rocks in their drinks, which turns their drinks red. It seems to be the new, cool thing to do. The women, meanwhile, spot Dylan, who also just happens to be at the bar. Martha starts joking with her sister about Annie and Dylan getting together. Uncomfortable, Annie says she needs to get some air and goes outside.

Outside, she is about to smoke a cigarette when she spots Cole and his boyfriend buying alcohol.

Annie agrees not to say anything if Cole doesn’t say anything about her smoking. They make a deal and Cole tells her he’s going to his boyfriend’s family’s boat to hang out. The two teens leave.

Back inside, tensions are rising. After her night with Dylan, Annie has been noticing more and more the anger displayed by the men around her. One guy in the bar smashes a glass when the bartender cuts him off. The women with Annie chalk it up to guys just being drunk. But things continue to escalate.

Annie grabs Martha and says they need to leave. As they leave the bar, a massive fight breaks out among the men.

On their way to their car, anything coworker of Annie’s passes her and says hi. Clearly flustered and not interested in stopping to make small talk with a guy she barely knows, Annie brushes him off. This pisses him off.

As the two women drive back to Martha’s house, they notice they’re being followed by that guy that Annie brushed off. Terrified, they make a few turns to try to lose him and eventually it looks like they do. They make it back to Martha’s, but just as they get there, the guy shows up again.