What will the next American Crime Story be about? FX has no idea.


It would appear that FX is just as in the dark about the next installment of American Crime Story as we are.

American Crime Story wowed fans with its previous installment following the assassination of Gianni Versace. The series went on to get critical acclaim and snag awards (mainly Darren Criss for his portrayal of Versace), just as its predecessor, The People vs. OJ Simpson did. But now fans are curious as to what the next installment will be about.

There were talks of a season on Hurricane Katrina, but we’re not entirely sure what happened with that. Maybe that will be one of the ideas they have in their back pocket?

Tis the season of Upfronts and FX just had theirs in NYC earlier this week, as reported by Deadline. Chairman of FX, Jon Landgraf, had something to tell the fans of American Crime Story. And it’s not not reassuring, actually, it’s not much to go off of at all.

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“We haven’t decided which will be the next American Crime Story,” Landgraf said, according to Deadline. “We’re waiting for Ryan to decide what he wants to do next. It’s a very challenging franchise to develop.”

According to Landgraf, currently, there are four ideas in the mix for the third season of American Crime Story that FX officially has rights to. Given that Fox/FX/everything else in the world is now owned by Disney, there are likely to be changes to the series, such as releasing seasons one after another like a regular series.

Landgraf says, “we can shorten the amount of time between installments of the franchise,” which is something I’m so on board for. This waiting game sucks!

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In other Ryan Murphy-related news, Landgraf announced that there will be no season to follow-up Feud, which focused on the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. This is unfortunate considering the second season was initially going to follow Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Oh well, maybe in the distant future!

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(Source: Deadline)