Disenchantment season 1: mid-season premiere date + speculations


The second half of Disenchantment’s first season has a premiere date! Let’s examine what happened in the first half and predict the future.

According to a number of sources (including AV Club and Variety), Netflix original Disenchantment will have new episodes on September 20.  While that seems like a long wait, fans of Matt Groening’s show have plenty of time to re-watch and re-ponder the strange events already in progress.

In the mid-season finale, King Zøg (John DiMaggio) lost his kingdom to his ex-wife, Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan), after she turned its residents to stone. We also learned that she had attempted to poison him. Yet a young Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) semi-mischievously turned the table, making Queen Dagmar imbibe the poison instead.

Also, Elfo (Nat Faxon) was dead…or at least dead-ish, after being struck by an arrow.Bean had to choose between reviving him or her mother, and she likely chose poorly by not reviving him. Then, after his body fell into the ocean, it was recovered by unknown characters, presumably to be revitalized somehow.

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This was after learning he is only half-elf!

There was another cliffhanger as well. Luci (Eric Andre), the pet demon of Princess Bean, was kidnapped by an unknown captor. Was it the decidedly nefarious Big Jo (Maurice LaMarche), or a new threat? Oh, and last but not least, Princess Bean ended up on a boat with mommy Dagmar and some exotic, anthropomorphic sea creatures.


For better or worse, an outsider can only speculate on what the future of Disenchantment holds. We do know there is a twenty-episode second season, coming out between 2020 and 2021. Still, it’s fair to assess where the series could be going.

With what we’ve seen so far, King Zøg has been revealed as a more complex, sadder character as events progressed. Given that Dagmar tried to poison him, it’s likely that he will either (a) seek revenge or (b) see the flaws of his position as ruler, knowing that power could be his undoing. Although the latter option almost seems unlikely, Zøg may have a few twists and turns in his story.

It’s also reasonable to predict that Elfo, a key character in Disenchantment, will likely face an expanded role. Although his character was cute, innocent and lovable, there is definitely opportunity for him to grow into something else — possibly even a force to be reckoned with (either that or he’ll retire to a tree and make cookies).

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Finally, one can assume that Luci’s demonic nature will manifest itself in some unique ways. These are all rough predictions, to be sure, and Disenchantment has the capacity to surprise us. Still, expect to see most characters grow in their power and influence, or possibly die trying.

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(Source: AV Club)