Game of Thrones series finale reactions and surprises

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Not surprised

1. The North breaks from the other six kingdoms.

The show continually showed how the North had a hankering for declaring their own kings and queens. So it was no surprise, now that a Stark was King of the Six Kingdoms, that he would allow the North to break free officially and that Sansa would become the Queen. It was a gorgeous scene, right down to the weirwood tree stitching on her dress, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

2. Jon kills Daenerys and is the “Prince who was Promised.”

Especially after “The Bells,” it became abundantly clear that Daenerys had to go. I knew it would either be Jon or Arya to do it. I went with Jon because Arya had already killed the Night King. I don’t think the show would have done that if she was also going to kill the next biggest threat to a peaceful realm. Also, I believe that Jon fulfills the “Prince who was Promised” prophecy. In the original prophecy, the Lightbringer (Jon) was to defeat the darkness (Daenerys), and the hero stabs his beloved with a sword.

3. Tyrion convinces Jon to kill Daenerys.

It was a Hail Mary pass, Tyrion convincing Jon to betray his Queen. If anyone was going to get through that stubborn noggin of Jon’s it was Tyrion. The conversation reminds Jon of one he had with Maester Aemon back in season two, where he says, “love is the death of duty.” Tyrion breaks through Jon’s love for her by convincing him he has a duty to the innocent, to his family, and to his family name.

4. Arya travels west of Westeros.

During a conversation with Lady Crane back in season six, Arya tells her that she wants to go where the map ends. So, it was no surprise that Arya set sail for whatever was west of Westeros. I still wish she would have married Gendry, but that’s not her.

5. Bronn gets his castle.

Did you really think this sneaky sellsword wouldn’t get his bloody castle? Remember, a Lannister always pays his debts.