Things you missed during Season 6 of Game of Thrones


We’re getting close! There is just one more week until the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones.

My Game of Thrones re-watching continues and guess what, Jon Snow coming back to life is every bit exciting as it was the first thirty times that I saw it.

The first time I saw Cersei blow up the sept and Tommen fall out the window of the Red Keep, I got up and did a lap. And guess what. I got up and did a lap around my couch again. The signs were all there, and I missed them!

As it turns out, I missed quite a lot in season 6 the first time around. Here are the ten things I narrowed it down to.

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1. Night King is recast

The Night King went through a bit of a chance in between seasons 5 and 6. Richard Brake played a role in seasons 4 and 5, but Vladimir Furdik began playing him in season 6. It’s the same guy who played the guy that gets stabbed by the Children of the Forest in season 4.

2. Tyrion, a friend of the dragons

In another possible check mark in the “Tyrion is a Targaryen” theory, in episode 2, he actually touches a dragon. The only other person we have seen touch one of the dragons is Daenerys. Tyrion was also able to calm them, another feat only Dany has done before.

3. Did Olenna give Cersei the idea to blow up the Sept?

Cersei decides to make peace with her enemy, Olenna Tyrell and asks her to help her fight the High Sparrow. But that old broad was not having any of it because she believes that Cersei is the vilest person on earth. Olenna is out of there and tells Cersei she better flee, too. But she won’t leave her son. Olenna tells her, “You’re surrounded by enemies, thousands of them. Are you going to kill them all by yourself?” Three episodes later, kaboom! Cersei may have pulled the trigger, but Olenna gives her the idea.

4. Is the burning crosses more than a symbol?

You may have noticed the burning Bolton crosses in the field where Rickon ran back to Jon before the Battle of the Bastards. It turns out; Ramsay probably used them as distance markers, so he knew where to shoot his arrows. Poor Rickon never had a chance.

5. Art imitating life

This is more of an interesting observation, but isn’t it weird that Cersei is on Arya’s hit list, and she must kill an actress who is playing Cersei in a play? She’s doesn’t get to kill Lady Crane. But I wonder if she will get her chance to kill the real Cersei.

6. A heart-to-heart about sisters

In another bit of a foreshadowing, Jaime tells Edmure Tully in episode 8 that both his sister Catelyn and Cersei fiercely loved their children. They would do anything for them, even “burn cities to the ground.” And that’s exactly what she did. He also said, “the things we do for love…” which is a callback to the first episode of the series when he pushed Bran out the window after he utters those words.

7. The wolf is back, baby!

During the opening credits, when Winterfell popped up the last few seasons, the Bolton’s flayed red man shown on the top of one of the towers. After the Battle of Bastards, the Stark wolf was right back where it belonged.

8. The astroglobe’s cameo

During episode 10, when Sam arrives at the Citadel, he enters the library that can give the Beauty and the Beast library a run for its money. Did you notice the sizeable hanging astroglobe in the center? Does it look familiar? You’ve seen it in the opening credits for the past 59 episodes. It’s also part of the Game of Thrones logo.

9. The prince who was promised?

It was one of the biggest reveals of the show: Jon Snow is actually Lyanna’s son, not Ned’s son. So, when you were busy telling everyone, “I told you so!” you may have missed this small detail. After Ned defeats Arthur Dayne, he takes his sword named Dawn, which legend says was made from the heart of a fallen star. The sword is covered in blood as he lays it on the bedpost. Why is this significant? Melisandre told a prophecy, “When the red star bleeds, and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born against amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.” The sword is literally made from a star, and it’s bleeding.

10. Varys’ short, long journey

The last scene of the season is very poignant, with Dany and her crew sailing to Westeros. One person that is surprising to see with her is Varys. Wasn’t he just in Dorne to recruit the Martells and Tyrells as allies? How did he get from Dorne, all the way back to Meereen in Essos, to sail back with them so quickly? Most likely, he didn’t go all the way back to Meereen, because it would have been silly for him to bring the Martell and Tyrell fleets all that way as well. Dany has come to him.

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