Marvel series Falcon and Winter Soldier gets director; will air in 2020


More information has been reported about the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe show, Falcon & Winter Soldier.

Fans have been craving more information about Falcon & Winter Soldier series ever since it was confirmed by Marvel in 2018. Now Deadline has shared more details about the Disney Plus show, including the supporting cast, series length, airing date, and the director.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will be reprising their roles as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after Avengers: Endgame, though it is still unclear when the show will be set and if Sam Wilson taking over the mantle of Captain America will play a part in the show.

Stan has been dropping hints about what he would like Bucky Barnes to be doing in the show, which cements the idea that it is definitely set in a post Endgame timeline.

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Falcon & Winter Soldier will reportedly air in 2020 and will be a six-episode long mini-series. Scheduled to direct the episodes is Emmy-nominated, BAFTA-winning director, showrunner Kari Skogland. Skogland’s credits include The Handmaid’s Tale, NOS4R2, The Punisher, The Walking Dead, and many more series.

Daniel Brühl and Emily Van Camp are also in talks to join the show. Both actors played characters, Zemo and Sharon Carter/ Agent 13 respectively, are linked to Captain America but how will they figure into the story? Zemo is a highly underrated villain despite being one of the rare Marvel Cinematic Universe bad guys to have successfully accomplished his mission in Captain America: Civil War, which was to tear the Avengers apart.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..L to R: Agent 13/Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), Falcon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..© Marvel 2016

Agent 13 has been under-utilized in the franchise after being introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and was poorly handled in Civil War where a ham-handed romance between her and Captain America was shoehorned in at the last moment. Whatever her role in the limited series, let’s hope no one brings up that awkward kiss.

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With Disney Plus giving the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters a new lease of life it will be exciting to see what direction the show goes in. Also, it’s high time that Disney and Marvel diversified their creators behind the scenes, so Skogland’s appointment is a welcome change for viewers.