A Discovery of Witches season 1 finale recap


A Discovery of Witches wraps up its first season with the promise of a new adventure.

The finale picks up immediately where the last episode left off, with Diana walking straight into the waiting arms of Juliette. Whereas most shows would want their finales to end with a bang, A Discovery of Witches confidently keeps things a bit more low key. The series knows it’s playing the long game, and this hour perfectly wraps up the first arc of Diana’s story. By the end of the hour, she’s embraced her magical side and is ready to jump into whatever adventure lies ahead.

First, she has to deal with Juliette. The vampire is distraught that Matthew has mated himself with someone else because her only purpose in life was to love him. He seems to share a bit of sympathy for her, but his heart truly lies with Diana. Matthew plays along with her game before Juliette realizes that she won’t be walking out of that barn arm-in-arm with him. In anger, she slashes his throat and his heart, mortally wounding Matthew.

Whenever Diana has been in trouble, Matthew has immediately jumped to her aid. Now it’s her turn to be the warrior and she furiously steps up to fight. Summoning witch fire, she fastens a bow and arrow in a dazzling display of magic. A Discovery of Witches hasn’t really shown off some of the more fantastical elements of witchcraft, and the scene is an exciting display of things to come. One arrow takes Juliette down so Diana can focus on Matthew.

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She calls upon the Goddess and begs for him to be saved. Light pours down, and this Goddess says she will need something in return. Without taking a beat, Diana exclaims she will offer up anything as long as Matthew lives. Marcus and Miriam are quickly at their sides, with the former trying to offer medical care. Diana forces them away as she tries to make Matthew drink from her wrist but he refuses. Sarah enters and tells Diana that she needs to let him go but we know that’s not going to happen. With some kind of magical barrier around them, Diana calls to the Goddess once again who seems to compel Matthew to drink right from her neck.

We get a brief montage of this season of A Discovery of Witches but for Diana, she’s getting all of Matthew’s memories. Luckily, the two both live and Diana recuperates peacefully back at the house. Miriam now as a newfound respect for her since there was no way to tell if Matthew would have had the control to stop drinking. But she also has an ulterior motive, she wants to do more DNA tests since Diana didn’t have the marker for witch fire. Right now, she has powers which were originally thought to be extinct and could be the key to revitalizing magic.

After everyone is back to their regular selves, Matthew suggests they hide in time. Since Diana is a time-walker, it would allow her to train somewhere in the past before anyone would know about her Book of Life moment. Everyone seems to agree but thinks it could be extremely dangerous. Without proper care, Diana could get stuck in time somewhere and not be unable to return. However, they receive a doll from the house which was used by Diana’s ancestor during the Salem Witch Trials as well as an earring that Phillippe had given to Ysabeau. Is it possible the two have already traveled back but sometime in the future?

Some minor time training goes well, and Hamish arrives at the house with some gifts. He stopped at Sept-Tours to bring some well wishings and gifts from Ysabeau. Also, he finally brought Sophie and Nat to Diana so she can hand over the chess piece. Turns out, the piece belonged to Matthew and he lost it years ago. It’s from the same night as the earring, which gives the two an idea about where to travel. Sophie tells her story to the group and they’re all shocked to hear about a cross-species existing. She also acknowledges that there are three witches (the Bishops), three vampires (Matthew, Miriam, and Marcus) and three demons (Sophie, Nat, and Hamish) all under one roof. Is it fate?

After a bit of hesitation, Nat makes fast friends with Marcus. Who wouldn’t? Marcus is completely loveable! However, A Discovery of Witches sets up a potentially dark storyline for the young couple. Sophie has been having nightmares about the Congregation coming for both her and the baby. She seems to have some degree of clairvoyance, and we really hope this budding family remains safe.

Diana has six days to perfect her time-walking so they can travel on All Souls Day and she quickly advances. She dons her outfit from her dinner at Sept-Tours before traveling back alongside Matthew to that night. They enjoy the evening again alongside Ysabeau who is none the wise to her son’s true existence.

As those memories are fun, Hamish has a few which are a bit darker. He warns Matthew about leading the Brotherhood and Diana about the man he used to be. Diana hasn’t really inquired much about Matthew’s history and Hamish points out she will be completely reliant on him back in time. Women had fewer rights and she will clearly be a fish out of water whereas Matthew lived through that era. Meanwhile, Matthew does take steps to bulk up the Brotherhood’s ranks before he departs by formerly inviting Nat to join the fight.

Hamish also requests that Matthew return with the Book of Life. It seems like a possibility because Matthew thinks the book is probably intact somewhere in the past. Looks like A Discovery of Witches will get a second chance at the book!

So how are things going in Venice? Well, not great. It turns out Gerbert and Peter Knox have formed an alliance alongside Satu. They want Diana and the Book of Life but their priority is getting rid of Baldwin. Since a du Clairmont is required to sit on the council, that means his spot would be handed over to Marcus. At the hearing for Satu, she openly accuses Baldwin of acting alongside Matthew before Gerbert reveals the Knights of Lazarus. He calls for Baldwin to be beheaded before Agatha finally speaks up. She wants to give him a fighting chance and says the congregation will vote after a short recess.

In a shocking turn, Domenico refuses to vote with Gerbert and Baldwin manages to survive. Knox is furious, but at least he doesn’t get what he wants. However, Domenico now sees Baldwin as officially indebted to him and Agatha also lets him know that he owes the demons for saving his life.

Now it’s time for the goodbyes. Miriam and Marcus do some final tests on Diana before departing, with the former uncomfortable at having to potentially say goodbye to Matthew for a final time. Marcus has a much more touching departure, where he bids his father farewell. For the first time in the series, Matthew doesn’t look at him as a loveable screw-up but someone he is proud to have continue the du Clairmont name. In doing so, Matthew hands over his Grandmaster of the Knights of Lazarus to Marcus. Naturally, he refuses but as the only one who Matthew trusts, he eventually relents.

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Diana has to say goodbye to Em and Sarah too, who are leaving the house before the other witches come stomping to the door. She hugs them desperately, and here’s hoping she can reunite with her family soon.

The two get a moment alone before Baldwin leaves a message warning that Gerbert and Knox are on their way. Matthew teases the second season, by revealing the two will be heading back to 1519 where some of his friends will be for a celebration. They leave just as the trio of villains arrive and they’re undoubtedly going to be furious to discover Matthew and Diana slipped through the fingers yet again!

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